Do you want to accept credit card payments? Ezypay does!

Are you looking for a  direct debit billing system that accepts credit card payments? Thanks to Ezypay’s online payment gateway, you are able to do that with our system in just three easy steps.

accept credit card payments

Here is an easy guide on how to accept credit card payments for your business using Ezypay direct debits.


  1. Create an online payment form

In order to accept credit card payments, you first need a form that enables customers to accept credit card payments. Ezypay has a generic online payments form already set up which you then can customise to suit your business. Your customisable Ezypay online payment form allows you to:

  • Include your business logo
  • Use your preferred colour scheme
  • Include your CSS Style
  • Add your business Terms and Conditions
  • Customise your payment options
  1. Share your form

Send out your online payment form to all your customers so that they know you accept credit card payments. You can easily distribute it via email, social media or link the form to your Call-to-Action button. The more you share your online payment form, the more people will realise that you accept credit card payments and online payments. The idea is to promote your new payment option to as many people as possible!

  1. Keep track of your incoming online payments

Now that all the (not-so) hard work of creating and sharing your form is complete, you can sit back, relax and collect your incoming payments. In order to keep track of your payments, you can create and generate payment reports, as well as organise your customers via payment status, date and much more.

More exciting releases and information on how to accept credit card payments with your Ezypay account is available at the Ezypay Online Help Centre.

When you accept credit card payments, you are essentially creating another source of income for your business and this makes it super easy to collect recurring payments on a regular basis. Your customers will also enjoy this flexibility and the convenience that comes with never having to worry about paying their bills on time every other week. In the long run, most businesses that accept credit card payments will also save a tidy amount in terms of resources and manpower.

Note: Ezypay and iconnect360 accept credit card payments as well as other payment types including online payment and direct debit via bank account.

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