What is a Great Alternative to PayPal?

alternative to PayPal

Want an alternative to PayPal?

Paypal is one potential payment method that you can use for your business. Of course it’s fine but there are many alternatives to PayPal that may be beneficial to your business. One great alternative to PayPal is a direct debit billing system. One such system is Ezypay, direct debit online payment system that means your business will get paid.

Convenience is the number one reason why direct debit is a popular alternative to PayPal, and at Ezypay, we enhance this convenience by offering many payment methods.

Your customers don’t have to rely on just one payment so it’s a good alternative to PayPal.

They have the option of choosing to be debited from their bank account or credit card, whichever is most convenient to them.

Another online alternative to PayPal is collecting payments via our online payment form. Here you can create, distribute and collect payments online the easy way.

The first step is creating your online payment plan. So you can set up your most common payment plans that you use all the time.  The Ezypay direct debit system also allows you to customise the form and make it your own.  For example you can;

  1. Insert your business logo
  2. Use your business colour scheme
  3. Style it
  4. Customise your payment options
  5. Add your business terms and conditions

The next step to this alternative to PayPal is distributing your payment plan. You can easily share your payment plan in a number of ways as it’s a unique url.  For example you can share it:

  1. Via social media
  2. E-mailing it to your customers
  3. Link the form to your call-to-action button

Send out your payment plan where you can so that all your customers know that online payment is another viable option that they can take up in your business.

The last step is the best bit; tracking your incoming payments online using Ezypay’s secure online system. You can generate payment reports so you know exactly what is happening with your online payments.  All real time reporting it includes the ability to track and manage individual customer payments.

Direct debit: a great alternative to PayPal.  It is such an easy and beneficial system for businesses to collect payments. Ezypay offers a wide range of payment tools for your customers to choose from, as one payment method will not suit them all. We provide huge flexibility when it comes to your business payments, and your customers will thank you for it.

Ezypay is now available in 5 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.  For more information please contact one of our friendly sales team today.

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