The Best Direct Debit Solution to your Problems

You may be a business owner or manager looking for a direct debit billing solution for the first time, or you may be looking for a new one as your current one is causing too many problems for you.

If you are looking for direct debit solutions, then I have the ultimate problem solver here: Ezypay.

direct debit solution

Here is how Ezypay can help with your business problems:

Problem 1: You have too many failed payments

Direct debit solution: When it comes to collecting recurring payments via direct debits, sometimes you will have payments that fail to be processed. This can be extremely frustrating and annoying as you lose out on the income that you are owed. Ezypay’s direct debit solution is to have failed payment notifications and a subsequent failed payment gateway.

When a payment is unsuccessful, Ezypay sends you an email notifying you of this. We also send a reminder email to your customer or member informing them of their failed payment and outline the reason why. Also featured in this email is a big “PAY TODAY” button that generates a link to our failed payment gateway. Your customer or member cannot miss this big button on the email which invites them to attempt to pay the fee themselves. By having this “Pay-Me-Today” gateway, your chances of collecting outstanding failed payments increases.

If you would like to learn more about how to avoid failed payments, read this article.

Problem 2: You don’t know what is happening in your account

Direct debit solution: When you have a direct debit service, it can be easy to not be updated with your account information and finances. Ezypay ensures that you are always updated with your finances. We have two ways of doing this: real time reports and SMS and email alerts.

Our first direct debit solution of real time reports means that when you log into your account, everything that is displayed will be accurate as information is presented in real time. Even if the member that has just signed up and paid three seconds ago will be included in the information. This means that any time you go into your account, you don’t have to wait for it to be refreshed or updated; your exact financial position will always be there.

The second direct debit solution is our SMS and email alerts. Ezypay understands that you are busy running your business and so have no time to constantly check your account just in case something has happened that you need to be aware of. This is why Ezypay has SMS and email alerts where we can send an alert to you if such a case occurs. We also push the important information to you so that everything that you need to know asap is pushed to your phone or email account immediately.

Problem 3: Your current direct debit service only bills on a certain day – that you don’t want

Direct debit solution: When you implement a direct debit billing system into your business sometimes that means that you have to make changes to your business model in order to fix the billing system’s procedures. However, that can be tedious and annoying and at Ezypay, we believe that you should do what you want (after all, it is your business!). Ezyay bills every working day Monday to Friday. We actually bill your customers or members every day that the bank accepts a billing file. This direct debit solution means that you do not have to tailor your business needs to fit our business, rather we work to fit into your business.

Problem 4: You are having trouble keeping up with your paperwork

Direct debit solution: Business isn’t all sales, customers and income; there is a lot of paperwork that is involved. Anything that helps to ease the load is a good thing right? Ezypay facilitates in doing this with our customer management function. Who needs to manually search for a customer’s paperwork in a filing cabinet, or rifle through each one to find what you are looking for when you have Ezypay? Ezypay enables you to view and change your customer’s personal information, payment plans and payment details at any time through our secure online payment system.

Problem 5: You need help, but there is no one that can adequately help you.

Direct debit solution: If you have any questions, need more information, training or need help with Ezypay, we have an amazing customer service team that are only too happy to lend a helping hand. They are available on the phone Monday to Firday 8am – 6pm and you can also send them an email. Alternatively, we have an online help centre on our website that you can browse through if you need a little extra help or explanation.

Ezypay is the best direct debit solution to your business and financial problems. We aim to eliminate the problems that you may encounter when you don’t use a direct debit billing system, or use the wrong one. Don’t make that mistake, and get with Ezypay direct debit services.

If you want to reduce the business costs, financial problems and improve business cash flow, then you need to download Ezypay’s eBook on how to increase business cash flow in 31 days. And did we mention that it is for free?!


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