Billing management software…or pizza…or both?

billing management softwareA Billing Management Software is similar to a pizza and here’s the recipe.

Alright, so let’s talk about pizza. Hot, fresh out of the oven, mouth-watering pizza. And you might be wondering what makes Ezypay pizza? Not only do we love eating it, but we may or may not be kinda like pizza ourselves. Let me explain.

The Crust

There are different types of crust that you can choose. Your original, no extra cost options are:

  • thin and crispy if you love that crunchy texture
  • the deep pan if chewy is more your thing,
  • and the classic if you can’t decide, or aren’t too fussy

Now imagine if you couldn’t choose what base your pizza will be on. If they sold pizzas all on the deep pan, it’d be great for the chewy lovers, but those crunchy eaters out there would be falling all over the place. And if they only had classic, neither the deep pan-ers or thin and crispy lovers would be completely satisfied. It’s just not going to work.

This goes exactly the same with billing management software. Imagine being told that you can only bill on a certain day, or use one type of payment method. It’s just not going to keep all your customers happy. That’s why Ezypay is a great billing management software that is flexible and gives you many options. Your customers can pay via bank account, credit card, building society, and even online. Want to bill your customers on Wednesday? No problem, this billing management software bills every day that the bank accepts a billing file. So it doesn’t matter if you love thin and crispy, if you’re more of a classic crust fan, or if you want deep pan, everyone will be happy and get what they want.

The Sauce

Ah, the base of the pizza; the foundation to which you keep building your pizza. Likewise, to your business, your managers are the fundamental element. So our pizza sauce on this pizza called Ezypay, is your ability to manage your customers. As it is your business, you need to be able to manage your customers and this billing management software help you do exactly that. You can view, change or edit:

  • personal details
  • payment details
  • payment plans

You forget the sauce, your pizza is going to be dry as anything. So if you forget about managing your customers, well, your business isn’t going to be that great either.


The Vegetables

Okay so we are getting to the fun part now; time to load up our pizza with toppings, starting with vegetables. It may not be everyone’s favourite thing, but it is undeniable that vegetables are a crucial element to our diets so we have to include it in our pizza. Bottom line is: they are good for you. So what features of our billing management system are good for you, just like those veggies?

We have SMS/email alerts that tell you whenever something important is happening in your account, or prior to a debit occurring for your customers. Our SMS/email alerts help you remain on guard, and fully aware of what is happening with your account. Also, because we know what busy bee’s you guys all are, you don’t have the time to continuously check your inbox for any alerts that you may receive. This is why our billing management software is really good for you; we send you alerts so you can save time and energy to do the other more important things.

Whenever you get a failed payment, Ezypay lets you know! Like your vegetables, this is extremely great for you because it means that you are always aware of what is occurring with your payments. We let you know which customer’s payments have failed while also informing said customer, outlining the reason why. But not to worry, we will go above and beyond to collect outstanding payments for you so any failed payments will be rectified. Less stress and time on your part, we make your life easier and healthier!

The Meat

Alright, so we’re getting to the meaty bit now (pun intended). Whether it’s pepperoni, beef, chicken, sausage or any other meat out there, they all contain a high level of protein that function as building blocks for your bones, muscles, skin and more. They are all beneficial to the body. Similarly,  whats beneficial about our billing management software is our real time reporting function. Real time reports to always keep you updated with whatever is happening in your account. Even if a customer signed up to your business just three seconds ago, you will know!

The Cheese


A pizza is not a pizza without the cheese; that gooey, mozzarella cheese that is so melted that a string of cheese still hangs between your slice and the one next to it. You can have all the sauce, vegetables, meat that you want, but it is the cheese that makes it. So what is the equivalent of cheese in our billing management software? With Ezypay, we have many features that are great to have and definitely are beneficial to our services. But without our safe and secure payment system that protects all your data, it is all virtually useless. You can be confident that, like a fresh covering of melted cheese all over your pizza, we will hold everything together in a safe online account that minimises the risk of fraud and other nasty occurrences. We use the latest technology, and also adhere to the best payment compliance practices to maintain the security of customer data.


The Garnish

Garnish and post-bake sauce are an added extra that people have the choice to put on their pizza. If you don’t need it, you don’t use it, but if one day you decide that you want it, it is always there for you to add. Just like our help and support team, we are always available and open to any calls or questions that you may have for us. You can reach us by phone between Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm, or alternatively, you can email us. So if you would like some extra help or support, we are always right there for you.

So your pizza is looking pretty good right now. If you’ve looked at our little pizza recipe, and want to give it a taste, give us a call or contact us.  Our billing management software will help keep you as satisfied and happy as a delicious pizza. Ezypay is a billing management software that everyone will want a piece of.

Isn’t it the best when you get your hot, delicious pizza delivered to you straight to your door? Just like great it would be if you had a FREE eBook on how to improve your business cash flow delivered straight to your inbox. Which it will be. If you click here. Now.

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