4 Cash Flow Management Tools for Your Business

cash flow management tools

 (Ezypay = Great customer retention = a regular increase of cash flow = a great cash flow management tools)

Cash flow is a great thing in business. It means that whatever you are doing is working and you are getting awarded for all your hard work. However, it is also important to ensure that your cash flow is consistent and managed properly. Ezypay direct debits assists with your cash flow management. With recurring payments, it’s up to us to ensure that your cash flow is regularly and as it should be. We have proven that we are able to not only regulate your cash flow, but we can actually increase it. Ezypay has an amazing collection rate of 99.5%. This is as close to a guaranteed payment as you can get.

Ezypay provides cash flow management tools

First of all, we need to ensure that you are getting cash flow right back in your business. When it comes to collecting recurring payments, we offer a wide range of tools that you can choose from designed to specifically fit your business model and needs. Ezypay accepts debits from:

We also have the option of everyday billing so you can choose whichever day fits in with your business to bill you clients. Our flexibility means that your customers are not just confined to paying their subscription in one way. Instead, they can choose the payment method that they are most comfortable or familiar with. The best thing about it however, is that once your customers fill in their details once, you never have to hassle them about cash again. Their payment will just be debited from whichever account they choose, and they’ll see how super convenient it is and be more likely to remain with your company or business for longer! Okay so now that you have a great regular cash flow coming in, here are other ways that you can ensure that this keeps on coming (with our help!).


Manage Customers

After all, it is your business and your customers that you are dealing with so you need to be able to manage them. You are able to change their personal details, payment plans, payment details through our protected online payment system. Make sure that all their information is correct and up to date and double check it to prevent any unavoidable failed payments or problems in the future.

Failed Payment Notifications

If you do have failed notifications, don’t stress. Remember, Ezypay has a 99.5% collection rate, which means we are experienced at cash flow management and ensuring that you always get paid. However, we will notify you of any failed payments, and send a reminder e-mail to your client telling them that their payment has failed and outlining the reason why. We go to great lengths to make sure that all outstanding payments are paid. Okay so now that you have the  cash flow management tools, Ezypay has more tools for you to increase cash flow. While we have done all the work, we know that you would (rightly) want access to all the data, so we have…

Real Time Reports

All your sensitive information is saved in your secure online account, but the best past is that you can access your account and see your exact financial position at any time. Your data is constantly being updated with any change that occurs, so even if a member signed up 3 seconds ago, you will know. This is a great function to have when it comes to cash flow management because it real time reports provides you with extra control and reassurance when it comes to your revenue and finances.

There you have it. You have just learnt all about Ezypay and how we can help with your cash flow management. And now that you’ve read it all and absorbed all the information, make sure you use it to your advantage! Read more about our cash flow management tips and apply to have an Ezypay consultant to contact you to see the extent to which we can increase our cash flow and improve your cash flow management and to avoid running out of money.

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