Take the pressure off childcare centre outsourcing fee collection

childcare centre outsources fee collection to Ezypay


Owner of Bunny Cottage in Bexley Sharon Graham has made it a policy that all parents must pay their childcare fees by Ezypay direct debit. Outsourcing fee collection to Ezypay has really taken the pressure off her.


“Ms. Graham introduced the direct debit policy after “many years of bad debits” with some families running up thousands of dollars in unpaid fees.


Ms. Graham said outsourcing the collection of fees to Ezypay took the pressure off her as centre director.   Having to be the money collector as well as the educator was a really difficult juggle,” she said.  “Outsourcing has made a huge difference in the time I spend chasing fees, and it’s more transparent for families.”


“A recent survey of 700 childcare operators by industry website CareforKids found two-thirds of centres used debt collectors to chase parents with bad debts.  One centre reported it was $600,000 out of pocket.”


A centre who has good systems and processes would not let  parents to get so far behind with their payments when there are easy systems like Ezypay direct debits out there.  For the full story on the survey findings as reported by the SMH click here.


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