Collect Membership Payments the Easy Way

Membership payments can be collected in several ways: you can continuously ask your customers every week or month for their due fees, or alternatively you could enlist in a direct debit service provider to collect recurring payments for you.

membership payments

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer the latter. It is convenient, flexible, and seems a whole lot easier to fit in with your business than the former. Let’s take a look at Ezypay, direct debits.

Set and forget

The convenience comes in the form of our ‘set and forget’ system. Once your members or customers sign up to your business and submit their payment details, they can don’t need to bother worrying about paying you every week or month. A direct debit service automatically collects their membership payments at the set time, and transfers it to your account. Your cash flow will increase because you know for certain that you will be getting regular income coming your way.

High collection rate

If you are still uncertain about the possibility of you always getting your membership payments, then look no further than our collection rate. We have an excellent collection rate of 99.5%. For every 200 transactions, the odds are you will collect 199 and miss 1 which is as close to a guaranteed payment as you’re ever going to get.

Increased customer retention

Our set and forget system offers your customers (and you) convenience. Using Ezypay direct debits to collect membership payments means that they don’t have to be constantly reminded to pay or have to go to lengths to pay their due fees. It is automatically done for them, which will increase their customer satisfaction and hence, will stay at your business for longer. An increased customer retention is always a good thing because it means that you will have more customers to collect membership payments from.


Real time reports

It is understandable that you would want to keep track of your membership payments that are debited from your customers. Ezypay helps you do this in the easiest and simplest way possible – by generating real time reports. These reports display a record of the membership payments from your customers and how much is debited each time. The best thing about them is that they are displayed in real time. This means that even if a customer signed up 3 seconds ago, they will still be displayed in your account and your exact financial position will always be shown. At Ezypay, we believe in accuracy and convenience and that is what we give you with our real time reports.

Accept all payment types

We are not fussy at Ezypay. We don’t care how your customers pay you, as long as they do. This is why we accept all payment types, whether it is from a bank account, credit card, building society and we even accept online payments. As long as you get your due membership payments, it’s all the same to us.

If you are going to collect recurring membership payments, don’t make your life harder than it already is. Be smart and implement an excellent direct debit system, like Ezypay, for your business.

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