Collect Payments the Convenient Way

How do you collect payments? Do you collect them by cash every week or month? Do you feel awkward having to approach your customers each month to collect payments? What if I told you that there was an alternative to this where you can still get your money, but without the added hassle?

collect payments

Use a direct debit billing system to collect payments

A direct debit billing system is designed to do exactly that – collect payments on a recurring basis. There are three things that a debit system eliminates from your work load:

1. Money Talk

The cost of a service or membership is a pretty sensitive subject. It could make or break a deal, but in the business industry, it has to be done. However, that doesn’t mean that once your customer is onboard with your business that you have to constantly talk to them about money every time a payment is due. It is tedious, annoying and awkward. To counteract this, enlist in a debit service provider that will collect payments for you. Once your customers or members only sign up, you have the convenience of not having to have that dreaded money talk with them again.

2. Less admin, more income

Why manually keep track of customer’s payment records when a direct debit billing system can do it for you? A debit system keeps track when you collect payments via direct debit, so that you don’t have to worry about paperwork. It automatically records when the payments are debited and tracks it. You can access this information through the various reports generated to you. Time spent on the administration side of things can be pretty time consuming, so let a debit service collect payments and do all the work for you.


3. Increased customer retention

A direct debit billing service will increase your customer retention, and hence increase cash flow. Why is this? Well the convenience that is provided to them when you collect payments is something that will keep your customers happy and satisfied. When you deliver great service from your business without constantly checking up on their payments, they will stay for longer meaning that you will have a higher customer retention rate and an increased cash flow.

Reduce the amount of time-consuming tasks that you undertake to collect payments from your customers or members by employing a debit service provider. You are offered three amazing benefits that go a long way when it comes your business or company.

One great company that can really assist in collecting payments the convenient way is Ezypay. With a high collection rate of 99.5%, why wouldn’t you want to jump onboard? Please contact us for more information and start collecting payments the Ezy way!

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