Collecting Payments from Customers

It’s good to know what The Middle-Man is doing, right? He’s the go-between that’s ferrying your money across the overpass that bridges the metaphorical gap between you and your customers. Wouldn’t things be a lot easier if we could tag him with a tracking device so we can see where our money is? Or perhaps we should just cut out The Middle-Man, and install something a little more efficient.

Well, there’s a better solution for collecting payments which will turn that middle-man on the overpass into a Rolls Royce, speeding down a super highway.


Collecting Payments Using Direct Debit to Increase Cash Flow

With Ezypay, customer payments can be collected weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on personal preference. The rate at which these payments are collected means the difference between a steady cash flow comprised of smaller amounts, and a more periodic cash flow comprised of larger sums of money. This is particularly good for start-up businesses that want to see the fruits of their labour arrive quicker. Fees are charged per transaction so you only pay for what you use.


Here is what Jess from Ashley and Martin has to say about collecting payments using Ezypay direct debits.




With Ezypay direct debit collection rate of 99.5% means more money in your business

With its high collection rate, Ezypay collects more than 99% of all payments. These payments can be made using your credit card or by just having a customer jump on your website. Paying online is the most effective way of getting money processed faster. It makes those older methods look like something you’d see on The Flintstones.


Security and protection when collecting payments

With Ezypay you can check on the payment statuses of your clients, with the ability to put them in groups, depending on their status and dates of payments. You can even access customer data individually if needed. This data is secured within an online vault only you and Ezypay have access to.


Collecting Customer Payments becomes simple with Ezypay direct debits

Making money can be hard work, but collecting money owed should be made simple. If a payment doesn’t go through, or if there happens to be any outstanding payments, you’ll be notified immediately, and then Ezypay will assist in making sure that the money is collected for you, freeing you from some of the stress.

The variety of billing options given to your customers are varied and flexible enough to ensure that there is something that will suit everyone.  So it makes it easier for you to sign up customers to recurring debits and easier for your customers to set and forget the payments they need to make to your business.


For more information about how Ezypay direct debits work to support businesses in collecting payments from customers please contact our sales team.  We would be happy to help you increase the cash flow in your business. Our direct debit services are available in Australia and also New Zealand.

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