Customer Billing Is Easy With Ezypay

customer billing

Ezypay are the professionals in customer billing. Customer billing with Ezypay means that we do all the admin work of your business so you can spend extra time on more important things – like making sales or spending quality time with your loyal customers or members.

Let Ezypay do the customer billing to make your life easier

99.5% collection rate

When Ezypay is involved in your customer billing, you won’t have to worry about your transactions because we have an amazing 99.5% collection rate. This means that out of 200 transactions, odds are that 199 transactions will be successful and you will only miss one. With a 99.5% collection rate, that’s as close to a guaranteed payment as you’re ever going to get.

Manage customers

With our customer billing service, Ezypay also gives you the ability to manage customers; after all, they are your customers that we are debiting from. You are able to view and change their personal information, payment details and payment plans. This eliminates the need for paperwork regarding your customer’s information because it is right there on our virtual database system.

Every day billing

Ezypay is a great customer billing service because we are a flexible payment system that can easily fit into your business model. One such convenient tool is our every day billing. Ezypay runs billing every working day from Monday to Friday. We bill every day that the bank will accept a billing file. The benefit of this for you is that you won’t have to worry about what day you are going to run customer billing because it is completely up to you.

Accept all payment types

Our flexibility also extends to the types of payment that we accept. With our customer billing, we accept all payment types. It doesn’t matter if your customer or member prefers to be billed via bank account, building society, credit card or if they prefer online payments. It is all the same to us as long as you get your money.


Failed payment notifications

When it comes to regular customer billing, you will eventually encounter failed payments. Do not stress about this because Ezypay provides many avenues to ensure that your outstanding payments will be collected. When one of your payments has been unsuccessful, a failed payment notification email will be sent to you and the customer notifying you of this and outlining the reason for its failure. In this email, a generated link will lead the user to Ezypay’s brand new online payment gateway. They can then manually pay  their due fees themselves, instantly turning a failed payment into a successful one in a matter of minutes.

Real time reports

Ezypay understands that while we are running the customer billing, you would want to know what is happening with your account. We generate real time reports that keep you updated with your income and billing. Our real time reports mean that whenever you get into your account, you can be assured that the information displayed is up-to-date and accurate. Your financial position will always be visible in real-time.

Customer billing with Ezypay is such an easy system to use. We take the hard work out of the administration side of things and simplify it for you. Spend less time working on customer billing and just sit back while we do the work of getting your income to you.

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