Our Direct Debit Company has 8 Superpowers!

The secret’s out. Ezypay has 8 superpowers! Learn more about this talented direct debit company.


Admit it, we all tried doing his little Spidey hand motion

Everyone wants superpowers, and at least once in your life, you’ve tried testing whether you have power. Whether it’s after watching X-Men and seeing all those mutants in action, or seeing Spiderman being bitten by a radioactive spider, it has sparked an obsession and fascination with all things superpower. This is great news then as Ezypay, our direct debit company, already has 8 superpowers and you don’t even know it!


1. Telepathy

direct debit company

Professor X vs Ezypay

At direct debit company Ezypay, we know what you want, and what you’re looking for in a billing system. We know that you want something simple, easy to use and set up, and highly efficient. Luckily for you, we knew what you were thinking all along and we have set up our direct debit company to be exactly that! Ezypay has over 4, 789 active businesses and has successfully completed more than 1, 250, 879 direct debit transactions to prove that we know what you want, we deliver, and we are great at what we do. Professor X ain’t got nothing on us.


2. Superhuman strength

direct debit company

Hulk’s got your back

Our direct debit company knows that collecting recurring payments via direct debits can be risky. It can open up the possibility of risk and fraud. However, here at Ezypay, we protect all your data and information like the hulk. Imagine a big, green monstrous looking thing standing outside your account with all the superhuman strength in the world, ready to knock out any bad guys that comes its way. Yeah, that’s what the latest technology used to protect your data looks like… well if it were a green fictional character with anger management problems, but you get the point. We follow the payment compliance practices to maintain the security of your data. So trust in the hulk, and trust in this direct debit company.


3. Invisibility

Step 1. Set up your account with Ezypay.

Step 2. Let us do all the work.

After initially setting up your account, we do all the work for you without fuss or hassle or any added drama. You will see us that one time only, and then it will be like we are invisible, only appearing when there are any emergencies like failed payments, or when you actually want to see us. Think Harry Potter, only without the need for an invisibility cloak.

direct debit company

Shellshocked Harry and his invisibility cloak

4. Technopathy

Our talented workers here have made it so easy to for you to use Ezypay, it’s as if we have powers to manipulate technology to do our bidding (which in a way, we have!). We offer so much flexibility to suit your business needs and preferences. For example, we offer everyday billing as we bill every day that the bank will accept a banking file. Our direct debit company also accepts a range of payment types including bank accounts, credit cards, building society and of course online payments.

5. Superhuman Speed

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Flash, the fastest man alive. Well, like him, we send you real time reports that let you know your exact financial position with superhuman speed. So everytime you check your account, you will know that all the information displayed is 100% accurate, even if a customer has signed up just two seconds before! Know you exact financial position and data in a flash!

direct debit company

Get your reports in a flash!

6. Replication

This direct debit company not only ensures that you get all the payments that you should, but it actually takes this payment and replicates it. This means that you actually increase your cash flow. With regular debited payments, your cash flow will clone itself which is happy news for you and us!

7. Teleportation

direct debit company

“I did it!”

With the popularity of Ezypay and our successes, we have teleported to other countries around the world! Now instead of just being located in Australia, you can find us in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.Remember when Hiro teleported for the first time in Heroes? Yeah, we were kinda like that.


8. Precognition

It doesn’t take a psychic to know that joining our direct debit company will mean great things for you and your business. Your cash flow will increase as well as your overall revenue, you can be confident that it is in a secure account and there will be no added fuss or drama to your days. What more can you want from a direct debit company like Ezypay?

direct debit company

Our Ezypay office may or may not look like this

At Ezypay, we think it’s pretty cool to have these abilities as a direct debit company, doing good for the world. But you won’t be seeing us in the Avengers just yet though. We prefer to be out of the main action. While you’re out there going helping people benefit from your company, we will be the ones behind the scenes ensuring that everything goes smoothly and as it should. Hmm…kinda like Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.

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