Direct debit donations rose by 4.5% last year for Charities

direct debit charityThird sector UK recently reported that direct debit donations rose by 4.5% to 1.17 bn pounds last year.


“The figures show that education charities had the biggest year-on-year increase in the number of direct debit donations of 6.7 per cent, but this equated to a growth in value of just 0.1 per cent.


Animal charities had a 5.2 per cent increase in the number of direct debit donations between 2012 and 2013, with a similar increase in value of 4.8 per cent.


Graham Callaghan, charity sector specialist at Bacs, said: “This data again underlines the effectiveness and ease of direct debit as a method for supporting good causes.””


At Ezypay we transact many debits on behalf of charities.  The fact that our system easily and quickly allows for donors to set up a direct debit online and make a contribution form their bank or credit card it a real bonus for charities.


If you would like some more information on how Ezypay works for your charitable organisation please contact our team at or 1300 762 726.


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