All About Our Direct Debit Facility

Ezypay is a direct debit facility that puts your business first.

direct debit facility

Our main priority is that you collect your recurring payments quickly and without any hassle or trouble. We can do this with the many features that we have in our direct debit facility that we know you will love.

Customer management

As it is your business and your customers that we are billing, you need to be able to manage your customers. Ezypay’s direct debit facility enables you to easily view their personal information, payment plans and payment details at any time you want.

Every day billing

Again, as it is your business, we believe that you should call the shots. This is why you can choose which day you want to bill your clients on, according to what is best for you. Ezypay bills every working day Monday to Friday. We bill every day that the bank will accept a billing file. Our flexibility means that we tailor our features to suit your business preferences, making it easy to fit into your business with no extra trouble.

Accept all payment types

There are many payment methods that can be used to bill your customers. With our direct debit facility, we don’t care whether your clients preferred to be debited from their bank account, building society, credit card or from their online payments because we accept all payment types. It is all the same to us as long as you get your money and ultimately increase your cash flow.

Accept online payments

We mentioned before that our direct debit facility collect recurring online payments. We do this with our own online payment form that you will customise to suit your business and then share with your clients. The benefits of online payments are that it is low risk and low cost and a great alternative to Paypal, getting your own merchant facilities or creating your own merchant facilities.

Real time reporting

All the data in your account is reported in real time. This means that every time you go into your account to check your income, your exact financial position will be displayed. Our direct debit facility prides ourselves on our accuracy and timely manner in giving you what you want, and our real time reporting is no exception.


Failed payment notifications

When it comes to direct debit billing, there are times where your payments will fail. One of the best things about Ezypay’s direct debit facility is that we have many avenues that you can take to collect outstanding failed payments. Once a payment has failed, we notify you via email to inform you of this. We also send out a reminder email to your customer to tell them that their payment has failed while also outlining the reason why. At the bottom of this email is a big “PAY TODAY” button that generates a link to our failed payment gateway “pay-me-today”. This means that customers have the option of immediately correcting this mistake and attempt to pay you manually so that you can get your due fees.

SMS & Email alerts

We want to ensure that you know what is happening with your account. However, we also understand that you are busy with your business and social and family life so you don’t have the time to constantly log into your account. This is why our direct debit facility notifies you via SMS and email alerts whenever we feel that there is something you should know. Thanks to this, you don’t have to continuously check your account throughout the day as the important information will be pushed to you instead.

Ezypay’s direct debit facility is such a great way to facilitate collecting recurring payments from your clients. We put your business first to make sure that you are stress free, while still having a regular income coming your way.

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