Ezypay’s Direct Debit Gateway for Online Payments and Failed Payments

Are you looking for direct debit gateway for your business?

Ezypay is a direct debit billing system that offers a direct debit gateway for a variety of payment methods, including online payments and failed payment avenues.

Direct Debit Gateway for Online Payments

direct debit gateway

Ezypay is a low-risk and low-cost direct debit gateway. Our online payment gateway is easy to set up and even easier to use. Here are the three easy steps you need to complete to set up your online direct debit gateway.

1. Create and customise

Ezypay gives you a generic payment which you can then personalise it to suit your business. Upload your corporate logo, use your business colour scheme and upload your CSS style and include your business’s terms and conditions.

2. Share your form

Share your form with as many customers as possible so that they are aware of your online payment direct debit payment gateway. With Ezypay, it is really easy to distribute your online payment form and you can do this via social media, emails or simply link the form to your call-to-action button. This not only simplifies your payment process, but also lowers your sign up barrier.

3. Collect and track your incoming online payments

Now that you have your online payment form set up and shared between your customers and members, it’s time to track your incoming online payments from this online direct debit gateway. This is really easy to do with Ezypay because you can create and generate payment reports, organise your customers by their payment status, date and much more. We also give you the ability to track and manage individual customer’s status. With this online direct debit gateway, it is really easy accept online payments, meaning that you will get a positive and regular cash flow just by following these 3 simple steps.

Direct Debit Gateway for Failed Payments

Apart from our online payment gateway, one of the best things about Ezypay is that we also have a failed payment direct debit gateway. This is beneficial to your business because failed payments is a risk to your cash flow. However, just because a payment has failed, it does not mean that you have to miss out on your income. With our failed payment gateway, Ezypay increases the chances of you collecting these outstanding failed payments.

When a customer or member’s payment has been unsuccessful, you will be notified via email. Ezypay will also email the customer telling them that their payment has failed as well as outlining the reason why. At the bottom of this email is a big “PAY TODAY” button that your customer can’t miss. By clicking on this big button, a new site will be generated that will bring them to our failed “pay-me-today” payment gateway. Your customer or member can then attempt to rectify their failed payment by paying for the fees that they owe. A list outlining how much they owe and the reason why is displayed so they are aware of exactly what they are paying for. It is such a simple and easy way to collect failed payments. No wonder Ezypay has an amazing collection rate of 99.5%!

Ezypay provies a direct debit gateway for two main things that you really want and need in a direct debit system: online payments and failed payments. By having these two functions as part of your billing system, you increase your cash flow, meaning more income for your business…and who wouldn’t want that?!

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