Collect recurring payments with Direct Debit NZ

Direct Debits NZ are Easy with Ezypay

With its high quality, low cost service, Ezypay can collect funds from any New Zealand bank, building society and Visa or MasterCard. Working in 5 different countries and servicing thousands of businesses, Ezypay is one of the largest operators in its field thanks to its incredible rates through the banking sector, which we pass on to you.  Ezypay direct debit makes direct debit NZ easy, fast and secure.


Collect Recurring Payments with Ezypay Direct Debits

By using the Ezypay direct debit system to collect recurring customer payments, you take control of the customer payment, rather than relying on the customer to make payment when they feel like it. This makes sure that the payments are at the top of your customer’s priority list, and this is reflected in the high collection rate of 99.12% Ezypay achieves in NZ. You can also run reports on individual customers, or over your whole customer base, over any chosen time frames.

Ezypay bills every day of the week too, and can set up payments on any frequency e.g weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc, this means you can match up collection of payments with your customers pay cycles so now you’re far more likely to collect the funds. Whilst collection rates vary based on factors like industry, location and customer base demographics, Ezypay’s average collection rate across all transactions in NZ is 99.12%.


Signing up a customer to direct debit NZ

Customers can create their own direct debit instructions in a number of ways.  These include:

  • Through the company website
  • Through a link sent by email.
  • In person
  • On a tablet, or mobile device.

One of the great aspects of how direct debit NZ work is that customers can sign up one day and be billed the very next.   This means that you as the business owner don’t have to wait for revenue to come in so less of those headaches that come from juggling those manually initiated payments.

In the video below you can see how easy it is for your customers to create their own direct debit authorities.



Direct debit NZ charges

Ezypay has developed an automated follow-up system for direct debit NZ so both customer and you are notified as soon as a payment fails. It is this quick turn-around time of information that lets customers act quickly to catch up and gives you a great collection rate. Furthermore, Ezypay has automated many of its systems over the years, bringing the costs of manpower and error down.

Ezypay charges a per transaction rate, and this depends on your average transaction size, and the amount of transactions you put through us. The great news is that our charges are always outweighed by the better collection of funds you receive. Also, our charges can be allocated to the customer and so become cost neutral to your business.

The short of it is, with Ezypay, control of payments and client data is given back to you, but condensed in a way that makes accessibility easier.

If you would like more information on opening an Ezypay account to collect direct debit NZ then please contact our sales team.

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