Direct Debit Providers: Why You Need Them

What do direct debit providers do for you? We collect recurring payments on behalf of your company or business. This benefits as you as it means that you do not have to collect your fees yourself. It also increases the chances that you actually will collect those fees and in a regular and timely manner.

Direct debit providers assist your business in various ways that each aim to help make your life easier and a lot less stressful

direct debit providers

First, let’s take a look at what would happen if you didn’t have direct debit providers.

If you didn’t have direct debit providers, then how exactly would you collect payments? You’d either have to keep asking your customers for it every week or month that you collect your income, which will quickly become tedious and tiring for both yourself and your customer. Who wants to be constantly asked for money? Your customer satisfaction levels will decrease meaning that your customer retention rates will drop.

If you didn’t have direct debit providers, what would happen if your customer doesn’t have the money on them at that moment? You would have to delay their payment which means more work for you as you continuously attempt to chase it yourself.

In addition, this method increases that workload for you, giving you more paperwork to complete because you have to keep track of your payments yourself. Your chances of getting your payments decrease, the amount of income you get each week/month declines while your stress and frustration increase.

Now let’s take a look at what will happen if you have direct debit providers.


If you have direct debit providers, you don’t need to worry about collecting recurring payments yourself. A direct debit billing system automates your payments. Once your customer or member signs up, they need to complete their payment detail form and then you choose how often you want to debit them. Thanks to this “set and forget” system, you won’t have to hassle your customers again about payments because direct debit providers will automatically collect your recurring payments for you.

Your customers will be so satisfied with your service and how easy it is to be part of your business that they will want to stay for longer.

And about that paperwork we were talking about previously? Well, what paperwork? Direct debit providers eliminate the need to complete and organise paperwork from your workload. As you receive your payments, your direct debit system generates a report that tracks your payments for you. This way you don’t have to do it yourself. In addition, really great direct debit providers will enable you to manage customers on their system as well. By having their personal information, payment plans and payment details saved on the system, you won’t need the paperwork for the membership any more.

The difference between having a direct debit provider or your business in your work life compared to a lack of one, is substantial. It shows that direct debit providers really do make a big difference, and is one that you really shouldn’t be deprived of.

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