A Great Direct Deposit System and A Great Car…

direct depositA great direct deposit system is just like a great car

A couple of days ago, my boyfriend brought a new car. According to the reactions of the guys around me when he said it was a BMW (not a big fan of cars so I can’t remember the model), it is a really good car. So it got me thinking: every car has the same aim: to get you from point A to point B. But regardless, with every car there is a hierarchy of what is a really good car to just a normal car. Same with a direct debit billing system, each systems aim is to help collect your recurring payments, but there are great systems, and just normal direct deposit systems. So just like a car, what makes a ‘normal’ direct deposit company amazing?

With a basic car, you have the standard components that make up a car; the accelerator, the wheels, brakes, steering wheel, bumper and battery, and more. These are the obvious, what you would expect functions of a car.

Similarly, you would expect from a direct deposit system will provide you with the essential necessities to collect recurring payments. In a way, it’s sort of like a car, but instead of you moving to point A to point B, we are moving your due payment fees from your customers account to yours.

However, while your direct deposit functions in this way, there are also ways to tell a normal direct debit system from a really great one. It’s the ones that go above and beyond for their clients and really make your experience as one of their clients an enjoyable one.

When it comes to direct deposit, Ezypay is one of those really amazing ones that just really put your priorities first. While we do have the basic services, we also have premium functions that just make your life a whole lot easier.


1. Managing customers

You can create, edit and view their personal details, payment details and payment plans. It is your business and your customers after all so you would need to be able to manage your customers.

2. Billing day

Ezypay runs billing every working Monday to Friday. In fact, we bill every day that the bank will accept a billing file. So you have flexibility to choose which billing day suits you to collect recurring payments. Our flexibility also extends to the payment types that we accept. We accept all payment types, whether it’s from a bank account, building society, credit card and we even accept online payments. So while we are depositing money in your account, as a direct debit system should, we are tailoring our business to suit YOUR business needs and preferences.

3. Failed Payment notifications

When one of your payments fails to be processed, we notify you so that you are aware of what is happening with your account. We also send an email to your customer so that they are aware of this also and we outline the reason why. Ezypay understands that it is vital that you always know what is happening with your payments, and you have a right to know when a payment fails. However, Ezypay goes beyond expectations to make sure that we collect outstanding payments for you. To further reassure you, just think about our excellent collection rate of 99.5%. That is as close to a guaranteed payment as you can get.

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4. SMS/E-mail notifications

We send out push notifications when something important happens in your account or before a debit occurring. Our direct deposit system understands that you are busy and don’t have the time to constantly check your account for updates on your recurring payments. This is why, we push the notifications to you so the important information that you need to know goes straight to your inbox without any fuss or hassle.

5. Real time reporting

The difference between a normal system and a great one is that while a normal system might send you reports, we have real time reporting. This means that whenever you check your account, your exact financial position will be displayed. Your account is constantly being updated so that it will show the customer that just signed up to your account 3 seconds ago. It is a great tool to have because you will always be updated with your account details.

6. Excellent Support

At Ezypay, we have a great team that is friendly, approachable and welcoming. They will be happy to help answer your inquiries and questions if you have any. Having a great team really makes a different to the service you use, and ours will cement the fact that we have an amazing direct deposit system that puts our customer priorities first.


Would you prefer a great car or an average car?  A great car, right?  Exactly – just like you want a great direct deposit system.  Nothing average for your business.

Would you rather a car that has only the fundamental features that you want in a vehicle or one that really goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations? Like most people I would definitely want the one that offers more than just the basic features. So, why settle for an average direct deposit system? Aim higher and get a really great one that will really benefit your business. See the results Ezypay can give you and know that you made the right decision.

For more information on the Ezypay system please contact our team or send an email to hello@ezypay.com.  You deserve the best and so does your business.

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