Easy Direct Debit

easy direct debit

Ezypay makes using direct debits the easy choice for collecting recurring customer payments.


Easy Direct Debits – What are the key features and how does Ezypay makes direct debiting easy?

Remember when plastic overtook paper money as the new method of paying for things? It was so ‘techy’ and futuristic just to whip out your card and pay for everything instead of having to count out those notes in your wallet.

But, now people are making online payments, so your fancy shmancy credit card is starting to look like some sort of prehistoric artefact.

Necessity, being the mother of invention that she is, has again made it even easier to process the flow of cash thanks to direct debit billing, which is necessary if you want to run a successful business, whilst cutting out the unnecessary stress.

Who’d have thought that cutting out stress was the way of the future when it came to running a business?


So how does it all work?

Direct debit is an easier and faster way for a business to collect recurring or subscription payments.  Members will have the convenience of having their recurring payments processed weekly, monthly or even yearly, depending entirely on their personal preference and the preference of the business collecting the recurring payments.

With direct debit payments, members will now have the luxury of being able to initiate their own easy direct debit  payment from any mobile device or tablet, which means they can make their payments wherever they are, even if they happen to be relaxing on a beach somewhere.

Or the business can enter their member into the Ezypay billing system and the direct debit can be initiated that way.  After the member or customer’s direct debit is set up, Ezypay starts billing the member at the time, frequency and amount in the billing instruction.  The business owner doesn’t have to remember or do anything.  Ezypay collects the funds, and distributes them into the business account.


So, what makes an easy direct debit?

First, make it very ‘you’. Customize your online member sign-up form by adding your corporate logo and choosing a colour and style, you can even add your business’s terms and conditions to your form.

Next, choose how you want your payments collected. You’re the boss, so tell your money where to go! Or, just when to come in. Do you want it this week? This month? This year? Will it be done via a credit card or through the customers bank account?

Finally, Relax. The work is done. You can now deal with your members individually by name, since you now have access to his or her payment status. The easy to use online interface will tell you if a client has paid up, and whether they are active or inactive. Everything else is automatic, so it’s working for you even when you’re not at work.

Rest assured, Ezypay collects 99.5% of all transactions, however if your transaction is one where there is a problem with a payment, you’ll be notified and we’ll help collect those outstanding payments for you.  And with Ezypay’s excellent support service, all your questions can be addressed via phone, email or fax.

As the owner or manager of the business you will have full control when it comes to managing customers and collecting their recurring payments. The difference now is that the barriers between the business owner and their members has been removed, and access has never been easier thanks to the convenience of having member sign up forms online. This frees up time so you can concentrate on other parts of your business, like planning your time off.

We are reaching a point when direct debits are expected by the customer. If it’s not on offer, chances are they will shop around elsewhere. So why not offer them direct debits as a method of payment for their recurring collections?  Direct debit is now the norm in many businesses but as you can see it’s also an easy method of payment.


Want to find out more about easy direct debit?

If you would like to find out more on the features of direct debit you can by reviewing the information on our website or by contacting our sales team.  We would love to take your inquiry today.


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