Wondering how to explain direct debit billing to your customers?

explain direct debit billingMove over credit cards and debit cards, there is a new payment method in town and it is bigger and better than ever before: direct debit billing. It offers customers convenience like never before, and a great online direct debit company like Ezypay makes it even easier.

However, we understand that your customer may not know a lot about Ezypay direct debit billing and what we can do for you and your gym or club.

Sometimes it can be difficult to grasp a concept or process; however, it can also be just as difficult to be the one who has to explain things to someone. For those who have been asked to explain direct debit billing to your customers, here are some simple tips on how to do so.

Tips on how to explain direct debit billing to your customer

Understand your audience

When you are trying to explain direct debit billing to your customer, please bear in mind that the way you see things isn’t necessarily the way your customer see’s things. People have different perspectives on the same things (just think of that white and gold/blue and black dress that the Internet went crazy over) and this is important to remember when you want to clearly explain direct debit billing to someone.

Use layman’s terms – try to avoid jargon

Do not use technical terms because the chances are, your customer is not going to know the technical jargon that you are using. Use layman terms, that is, terms that are used by people without professional knowledge of that particular subject; in this case, direct debits. Avoiding jargon is a great way to increase the chances that your customer will understand what you are saying, and they will appreciate you simplifying things for them.

Listen to questions

When you are explaining direct debit billing to your customer, they will most likely ask questions. Do your best to answer the questions they throw at you. They may ask you to repeat what you just said or ask about something that you have already gone through, but try to be patient. It may just take them a while to grasp the concept.


Don’t be condescending

When you are the explainer in a situation, you would be the person with more knowledge of that particular subject. However, try not to be condescending or talk down to them. They are trusting you to help explain direct debit billing to them without feeling belittle or patronised.

Benefits, not features

When you explain direct debit billing to someone, don’t make it too complicated. They don’t need to know all about the technical side of things because 1. They won’t understand what you are going on about, and 2. They won’t care. They only care about what direct debit billing can do for them, so make sure that you focus on the benefits and NOT the features. It will save a lot of unnecessary talk and time wasted.

Use analogies

One of the best ways to help explain direct debit billing system to someone is to use analogies. This way, you compare a similar situation that they understand, to the more complicated process. Hopefully, by comparing the two circumstances when you explain direct debit billing, your customer will be able to relate to the

Ask questions

Now that you have finished your explanation, now it is time to make sure that your customer actually understood what you were saying. Ask your customer whether he or she understood everything, if they would like you to go over or clarify some things or if they have any more questions. Some people might like to repeat the same information back to you in their own words for clarification. Take the time to ensure that they understood everything.

When you explain direct debit billing to your customer, follow all these simple and easy tips to ensure that you can explain it succinctly, accurately and clearly. It will be a big help to both yourself and your customer.

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