Ezypay Australia: Benefits for your Business

There are many features and services provided by Ezypay Australia that I can talk about, but instead I am going to answer the big question that you want to know:

How does Ezypay Australia benefit me?

Increased cash flow

ezypay australia

This is what every business owner wants, an increase of positive cash flow coming their way. It is when they earn more money than they spend, and the more money they earn, the better right? At Ezypay Australia we have something called the ‘set and forget’ system. The set and forget system means that once your customer or member signs up to your services, you eliminate the need to chat to them about money again because Ezypay Australia will subsequently collect recurring payments without any prompt or reminder.

A debit system like Ezypay Australia will increase your business cash flow because money is constantly coming your way. A key point when choosing a debit service provider is to look at their collection rate to see how successful their payment transactions are; the higher the percentage, the better. In saying that, Ezypay Australia has an excellent collection rate of 99.5%. This means that 99.5% of our transactions are successful and is as close to a guaranteed payment as you are ever going to get.

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Reduced admin time

Ezypay Australia takes all the administration and paperwork tasks and does it for you so you can spend time actually running your business. Why spend time filling out, filing or organising paperwork when Ezypay Australia can do it for you instead?

For example, Ezypay has a quick and easy customer database that you can use to manage your customers. It’s paperless meaning that you can quickly search for a customer without having to rifle through a filing cabinet. Our direct debit billing system enables you to change personal information, payment details, and payment plans at any time through our secure online payment system. Spend less time on these tedious tasks and more time on more important things like spending time with your customers.

Increased customer retention

Once your customers or members sign up to your business, gym or club, that’s not the end of the story because you want to keep them as your customers for as long as possible. Ezypay Australia will increase your customer retention levels so that you can have more members for longer. Our system is incredibly convenient for both you and your customers and is something that they will love. We accept all payment types (bank account, credit card, building society and online payments) so that they can choose which method they’d prefer to pay for their subscription or membership. They will love the freedom and still get the benefits from your business, but in their own way.

As Ezypay Australia is a direct debit company, by collecting recurring payments without the hassle of bothering your customers regularly, they will enjoy the convenience of not even having to think about their paying for your business, meaning that their satisfaction is increased. With their happiness and satisfaction at an all time high, they will stay for longer and increase your customer retention.


Ezypay Australia is one of the best direct debit companies because of the many advantages provided to your business or company. With promises of an increased cash flow, reduced admin time and improvement in your customer retention levels, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of Ezypay Australia for your business.

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