All About Ezypay’s Direct Debit Services

Ezypay provides the best direct debit services that you can possibly get. Our excellent direct debit services are proven here with our high collection rate. Our collection rate is as high as you can get – 99.5%. This means that out of 200 transactions, the odds are that you will collect 199 of them and only miss one. That’s as close to a guaranteed payment as you will ever get.

How does Ezypay direct debit services have such an amazing collection rate?

All our features are designed specifically to help the running of your business smoother and simpler.

Customer management

direct debit services

It is your business so you need to be able to manage your customers. That being said, Ezypay has a function where you are able to easily manage your customers with just a few clicks of a button. You can change their personal information, payment details and payment plans anytime you like.

Failed payment notifications

One downfall of direct debit services is that sometimes you will get failed payments. However, don’t despair because Ezypay goes to many lengths to ensure that you will collect outstanding failed payments with many payment gateways being offered.

After a payment has been deemed unsuccessful, Ezypay notifies you of the failed payment. A reminder email is also sent to the customer or member, informing them that their payment has failed as well as outlining the reason why. This is where our great direct debit services kick in. In the email is a payment link that will lead them to the payment gateway “pay-me-today”. This big “PAY TODAY’ button cannot be missed by the customers and invites them to rectify this failed payment themselves. By having a payment link at the bottom of the email, it offers an extra method of collecting your outstanding payments.

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Every day billing

Ezypay’s direct debit services runs billing every working day Monday to Friday. In fact, bill every single day that the bank accepts a billing file. This means that you do not have to change your business preferences in order to fit in with our direct debit system. It’s the other way around. You choose when you want your customers to be debited and if it can be done, Ezypay will do it. Our flexibility means that our direct debit services is easy to fit into your business.

Accept all payment types

Ezypay’s flexibility extends to the payment types that we accept. Our direct debit services accepts all payment types; we debit your customers or members via their bank account, credit card, building society and online payments. We tailor our direct debit services to meet your business preferences and needs. It doesn’t really matter to us how we collect your money as long as you get it in the end.

Secure online payment system

You can trust our direct debit services. This is because we are safe and secure. We understand that by collecting recurring payments can open up the risk of fraud, however when you collect these payments with Ezypay, you can feel assured that you are dealing with a safe and secure payment system. Ezypay uses the latest technology and payment compliance practices and work to the higheslt level of security and PCI standards to maintain the security of customer data. You customer and member data is safe with our direct debit services.

These 5 features of our direct debit services are just the beginning of what Ezypay has to offer to you. To find out more about our direct debit billing system, please feel free to contact our customer service team and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you out.

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