Financial Solution, Divergent Style

Ezypay, a Financial Solution that embodies everything you need in a direct debit company

financial solutionIf you are familiar with Divergent, then you will know that this dystopian series (and now film) is based on a society that is categorised by five factions; Abnegation (selflessness), Amity (for the peaceful), Candor (honesty), Erudite (intelligence) and Dauntless (for the brave). All sixteen year olds must take a test to see which faction they are most suited for, and that is the trait that they will live by for the rest of their lives.

While that sounds great for a story narrative, it isn’t great to have only one of these characteristics for a financial solution direct debit company like Ezypay  to have. We  wouldn’t be able to choose just one characteristic to carry for the rest of our lives because we want to be selfless, honest, intelligent, brave and peaceful all at one. We believe that we embody each of these important qualities to become the best financial solution on the market.

Abnegation (for the selfless)

At Ezypay, you are our top priority. We aim to make our progress, both in the set up and duration of your time with us, as easy and smooth as possible. Here is our financial solution can do:

  1. Failed Payment Notifications

As we said, we want to make sure that you get everything that you are looking for in a direct debit company, and that includes all your due fees. Whenever there is a failed payment, we notify you of this so you always know what is happening with your finances. We also send out a reminder email to your customer informing them of their failed payment and outlining the reason why. But not to worry, Ezypay has an amazing collection rate of 99.55 which is as close to a guaranteed payment as you can get from a financial solution. So this means that we will go above and beyond to collect outstanding payments, and making sure you get your payments.

  1. Flexibility

Ezypay bills every day that the bank accepts a billing file. We are a flexible payment system that tailors to your business needs and payments. Our financial solution accepts all payment types. We can collect recurring payments from your customer from their bank account, credit card, or building society. We also have an online form that your customers can complete as an option to be debited online.

We put YOUR needs first.

Amity (for the peaceful)

Collecting recurring payments via direct debits can open up the risk of fraud or hacking and any other nasty surprises. However, here at Ezypay, our financial solution is here to give you a peace of mind. We use the latest technology and payment compliance in order to maintain your customer data in a secured place. We also use a safe and protected online account that will help give you a sense of confidence that your sensitive data and information is completely safe with our system.

Candor (for the honest)

Ezypay, financial solution, is honest. It’s as simple as that. We do our best by YOU; our clients and customers. We let you know about everything that is happening in your account. Ezypay sends out SMS & Email alerts notifying you when something important happens in your account, so you are ALWAYS updated. Understanding that you have a busy life and can’t always be refreshing your page for updates, we actually push the notification for you so you will receive it immediately. We also have real time reporting where all the data is reported in real time. No matter what time you go into your account, you will see your exact financial position.

Erudite (for the intelligent)

Here at Ezypay, we don’t just offer a great financial solution. We also have provide a great customer service team and help centre who are all intelligent, compassionate and friendly to talk to. If you have any inquiries or questions regarding our financial solution, don’t hesitate to call as Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, or send us an e-mail. Our team of smart cookies will ensure that you will receive the utmost support.

Dauntless (for the brave)

Ezypay prides ourselves on delivering the best financial solution and payment system for all businesses out there. We don’t just settle for average; we aim high, and then even higher after we reach that goal. Instead of just resolving to be a great debit company in Australia, we have braved our chances went global. We are now available in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Phillippines. Do you want to be with a direct debit company that always reaches higher and isn’t afraid to take risks to provide more for their customers? Because if you do, Ezypay is the one for you.

Okay, I won’t spoil the ending of the Divergent stories for you (though I highly recommend them), but I believe that the best of the best will come out if you combine all of these great traits into one. That’s what we have done at Ezypay, and that is what we will deliver to you and your business. So join up to our financial solution today, and while we do all the work collecting your recurring payments for you and increasing your cashflow, kick back and relax, and maybe start reading (or even re-reading) the Divergent series!

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