Increase Cash Flow with Ezypay

A positive cash flow means that your business is doing great, but there are additional ways to help increase cash flow even more.

increase cash flow

Here are some great ways that Ezypay helps to increase cash flow:

1. We are a direct debit company

Direct debiting is one of the best ways to ensure that your payments are collected regularly, and we are one of the best direct debit companies out there. We know this because we have an amazing collection rate of 99.5% which is as close to a guaranteed payment as you are ever going to get.

2. We have many payment gateways for failed payments

Sometimes, payments fail to be collected when we attempt to debit a customer. In these cases, we have many avenues to help ensure that these payments are collected. A failed payment email is sent to you and the customer notifying them of their failed payment and outlining the reason why. Also featured in this email is a link that generates a new window where they have the option of manually paying for the failed payment again. The Pay-Me-Today payment gateway summarises all the bills that they owe and how much each one costs so they know exactly what they are paying for. As seen by our 99.5% collection rate, our methods clearly work in ensuring that we collect outstanding payments, meaning that you don’t lose income and instead increase cash flow.

3. ‘Set and Forget’

At Ezypay, our direct debit billing system is also a ‘set and forget system’. This means that once your customers sign up, you don’t have to chat to them about money again. Instead, by implementing a direct debit company like Ezypay, the money is continuously being entered into your account, meaning that you will increase cash flow on a regular basis.

4. Increased customer retention

Ezypay is super a convenient system in a number of ways. We accept all payment types and we bill every day that the bank will accept a billing file. The convenience of our system means that your customers will experience less trouble with your business and payment. They won’t have to think twice about their payment each month meaning their customer happiness and satisfaction will be improved and they will stay for longer. By retaining your customers for longer, you will increase cash flow.

Ezypay is a great direct debit company that will increase cash flow for your business with our many features that will keep you and your customers happy. Everything in our system is designed to ensure that you get your money and increase cash flow over time which is why Ezypay is the best way to do so. Once you increase cash flow, your next step is to manage all the extra money, which if you think about it, isn’t a bad problem to have!

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