Looking for Secure Payment Methods? Ezypay is it!

Do you want to know more about secure payment methods? One of the best secure payment methods out there are direct debit providers that facilitate in regularly billing your customers in a secure online account, a great alternative to PayPal. Here are the factors that make Ezypay direct debit billing one of the most secure payment methods worldwide.

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Ezypay Direct Debits: One of the Most Secure Payment Methods

There is a reason why direct debits are one of the most secure payment methods. We offer a lot more than just easy convenience. Every monetary transaction is completed using a safe and secure online account. Ezypay uses the latest anti-fraud technology and payment compliance practices to maintain the security of customer data. We work to the highest level of security and PCI standards meaning that your customer or member data is safe with Ezypay.

Real Time Reports

One of the best things about Ezypay direct debits is that we offer real time reports. This makes us one of the most secure payment methods because you will always be aware of what is happening with your account and income and will never be in the dark. Being able to regularly check up on your finances is a lot easier when you have real time reports. Real time reports means that your information will always be up to date so you will see your exact financial position. By being one of the most secure payment methods, you can be confident that you will always be given accurate information regarding your finances without the hassle of having to wait for your account information to be updated.

SMS & Email Alerts

If anything happens with your account or if there is important information that you would want to know about, Ezypay sends you SMS and email alerts. We understand that you would want to know everything important that happens in your account, and so we push the information to you. Hence, you can trust us as one of the secure payment methods available because we put you as our main priority. We will go to lengths to ensure that your data is safe and that you are always aware of everything that is occurring with your account.

Online Payments

Ezypay direct debits offers the low risk alternative of accepting online payments. It is also a low cost alternative to getting your own merchant facilities or creating your own e-commerce site. As mentioned before, we use the latest technology to protect your customer and member data, and this extends to our online payments.

Excellent Customer Support Team

At our direct debit billing company, we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service and help that we can.  We have set up a help centre module in our secure website in case you need a little help. We also have an excellent customer service team. Thy are available on the phone Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm. Alternatively you can send them an email and they’ll get back to you shortly. This makes us one of the best secure payment methods because if anything happens with your account that you just want to double check or ask about, we will be happy to take your call and help out in any way we can in the shortest amount of time possible to prevent further problems or headaches.

If you would like further proof of Ezypay as one of the best and most secure payment methods, check out our client testimonials to read about our clients’ happy and satisfied experiences with Ezypay.

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