Manage Recurring Payments Your Way

manage recurring paymentsIf you are using a direct debit system such as Ezypay, we can help you to manage recurring payments in your business or company. We understand that business is dynamic and each one operates differently to the next. This is why when you manage recurring payments with Ezypay, we offer a variety of tools that you can tailor to suit your business model, meaning that you’ll have more freedom to do things the way you want to do it.

First things first, know that you are in the best hands with Ezypay. We are professionals with nearly 20 years of assisting businesses in managing recurring payments as evident by our amazingly high collection rate of 99.5%. This is as close to a guaranteed payment as you are ever going to get.

Here is how we help you manage recurring payments:

Manage Customers

To manage recurring payments, you first have to manage your customers. After all, they are the ones that we are debiting for you so it is important to have their information at hand. Ezypay’s system enables you to change personal details, payment details and payment plans at any time through our secure online payment system.

Real Time Reporting

We generate reports that display your financial position and track your payments. The best thing about Ezypay’s direct debit system is that we offer real time reporting. The difference between normal reports and real time reports is that you won’t have to wait for your account information to be updated as it is reported in immediately. Regardless of whether you access your account from Asia or Europe, your exact financial status at that exact moment will be displayed.  Ezypay understands that to help manage recurring payments, real time reporting is important to offer that extra bit of control and reassurance.


Every Day Billing

Ezypay is a flexible payment system that provides you with options to choose from to suit your business model. One such tool is our everyday billing. We bill every day that the bank accepts a billing file, i.e. Monday – Friday. Subsequently, you can choose which day is best for you to bill your customers because a flexible system like us makes it really easy for you to manage recurring payments.

Excellent Support

When you manage recurring payments with such an easy to use and simple system, it makes your life a lot less stressful. However, if you do have questions, need training or would like more information, then feel free to talk to our friendly and helpful customer service team. They are available on the phone Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm AEST, or alternatively you can also send them an email.

Don’t make your life harder than it needs to be, especially when you are in an industry that’s super competitive. Instead, implement a direct debit billing system that will manage recurring payments for you in a variety of ways. It will offer you reassurance that everything is as it should be.

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