Online Billing System: Convenience and Flexibility

Ezypay’s online billing system is the best of the best.

We have everything you need and want in an online billing system such as an excellent collection rate, convenience and flexibility.

online billing system

Excellent collection rate

What do you think our collection rate is? Take a guess. Whatever number you have chosen, it will most likely be higher. That’s right; our collection rate is an amazing 99.5%. The odds are that for every 200 transactions, you will collect 199 and miss out on only one transaction. That’s as close to a guaranteed payment as you are going to get. Who wouldn’t want to be dealing with an online billing system with such a high collection rate?


You are a very busy man/woman. We understand that. You want to be constantly updated with your account, but don’t have time to wait for your account details to be refreshed or to be constantly in logging into your account for updates. We understand that also. This is why our online billing system just exudes convenience, especially with our real time reports and SMS and email alerts.

Real time reports: Every time you go into your account to check your finances, you don’t have to wait for your details to be refreshed and updated. You don’t have time for that. Our online billing system has real time reporting meaning that the information in your account is up to date and is accurate. It will convey your exact financial position every single time you check it. Even if a customer joined your business just three seconds ago, this change will be reflected in your real time reports.

SMS and email alerts: As you don’t have time to constantly check your account on the off-chance that there is something important that you need to know about, our online billing system has SMS and email notifications. Whenever there is something happening in your account that you should know about, we will push the information to you via SMS and email so that you will be updated immediately. This saves you time and stress as the important information is conveniently pushed to you.



Ezyapy is a flexible online billing system that tailors itself to fit into your business model.  We do this in two circumstances: we accept all payment types and we have every day billing.

Accept all payment types: There are many different payment methods that your clients may want us to bill them from: bank account, online, credit card or building society. However, unlike other direct debit systems, we are not fussy in which payment types we accept. In fact, we accept all payment types. It is all the same to us as long as you get your money.

Every day billing: Business owners generally have their own personal way of doing this so it can be pretty annoying when you have to change your preferences in order to suit another system.  This will not be the case with our online billing system because Ezypay bills every working day Monday to Friday. We bill every day that the bank accepts a billing file. This means that you can choose when to bill your clients instead of having to change your business model to fit into our system. Having a flexible billing solution like Ezypay is easy to fit into your business.

So there you have it. With our high collection rate, convenience and flexibility, Ezypay’s online billing system really does have everything that you want and need.

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