Fantastic Four reasons how we can help your online business Australia

online business Australia

The Fantastic Four (2005 version)

If you have an online business Australia, then you need the Fantastic Four

I’m sure you heard of the Fantastic Four, a Marvel Comics superhero team that band together.     Each of these superheroes have their own unique powers and abilities. However, it is when they are together that they really are a force to be reckoned with. So, we are here to tell you why there are Fantastic Four reasons why Ezypay is a great direct debit company for your business.


online business Australia

Bet he is top of his pilates class

Mister Fantastic, the leader of the Fantastic Four, can stretch, twist, re-shape and contort his body to inhuman properties. To the Thing, he is also known as ‘stretch’, which is rightfully suited as his powers of elasticity mimics the flexibility that Ezypay can provide your online business Australia. We cater to YOUR business needs and preferences and offer a variety of options for your online business Australia.

Your customers want to pay via bank account, or credit card? That’s no problem, we can do that. If they want to pay by building society or even online, we are able to do that too. At Ezypay, we don’t like limiting you, or your customers options. We also allow you to choose the days that your customers get billed. Ezypay bills every working day that the bank accepts a billing file. Like Mister Fantastic, we like to re-shape our own company to tailor to your needs.


online business Australia

Invisible Girl turning invisible

Ever had a company that kept calling you and badgering you about their products, promotions and just wouldn’t leave you alone? It can get really annoying, especially when you would rather spend more time doing more important things such as actually running your online business Australia.

online business Australia

The complete transformation of Invisible Girl…oh wait…

Here at Ezypay, we know that you are very busy running your online business Australia, so, we may have invisibility powers of our own. We become just like Invisible Girl when we collect your recurring payments. After you first set up your account and all your details and preferences, you won’t hear from us again with useless information that you’d rather not listen to. Unless there is something important happening with your account, or if you want to contact us, we are basically invisible to your online business Australia.

online business Australia

Repping that Ezypay colour!


Okay, so first you have the Hulk, the big green one, but don’t forget about the Thing. The Thing is the orange,

monstrous, well… thing, and he can give the Hulk a run for his money. So what makes us the Thing?

Ezypay understands that collecting recurring payments can open up the risk of fraud and other not so very nice things, and so we are here to reassure you that we will do our best to prevent this from happening. So in this case, we like to think that we are The Thing, and hey, our colour is orange too!  Despite his exterior appearance, he has a loving heart and is reliable and honest. He (read we) will protect your account with superhuman strength. He (read we) will protect your account using the latest technology, while also adhering to the payment compliance practices.

So all those hackers and generally not very nice people who want to get into your account, be warned, we got The Thing on our side.

online business Australia

Flame On


Before Chris Evans was Steve Rogers/Captain America, he was Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch (I know, it’s confusing). He can, in simpler terms, set himself on fire without harm, and fly using his own flame.

And what does this mean for your online business Australia?

online business Australia

Chris Evans other alter ego

Well like the Human Torch, Ezypay can fly over to different countries. This is great for your online business Australia because we have set up camp in five other countries! Now we are available in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. With this technologically driven world, your online business can now soar not only in Australia, but to any of those other countries as well. And we will be collecting your recurring payments with the superhuman speed that it takes the Human Torch to get there (and to be completely honest, Captain America has got nothing on the Human Torch).

While each superhero has their own thing, together they make a really great team. This is why Ezypay is such a trustworthy, reliable company to use for your business as it embodies these Fantastic Four reasons.

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