All About Our Online Payment Gateway Australia

online payment gateway AustraliaEzypay provides your customers with an online payment gateway Australia if they choose to be debited via online payments.

The benefits of setting up an online payment gateway Australia

Here are the many benefits that will entail once you begin to accept online payments:


  • Convenience: Ezypay’s online payment gateway Australia offers your customers convenience as it gives your customer or member an alternative way to pay for their subscription fees or membership.
  • Save resources: By automating recurring payments, you can save resources on cash handling items that you will no longer need such as tills, safes, etc.
  • Save time: If an online payment is automated, then the need to constantly set it up every week or month is eliminated. All you need to do is set it up once and then you can forget about it. Let Ezypay do the rest.
  • Boost income source: With another way for your customer or member to pay for your business, you have more income sources for them to choose from
  • Track business income: When you collect recurring online payments, Ezypay’s online payment gateway Australia records and tracks all the payments coming into your account. This way, you have all the important financial information that you need right there.


Now that you have heard the benefits of Ezypay’s online payment gateway Australia, we don’t blame you that you want to set up your online payment form and jump in on the action right now! There are just three easy steps in setting up this online payment gateway Australia that you need to follow and before you know it, you will be receiving online payments!

Step 1: Create and customise your online payments form

In order to have an online payment gateway Australia, you first have to have an online payments form. Ezypay provides you with generic payment form  that you can then individualise to match your business. You can do this by adding your coporate logo, colour and CSS style. You can also customise your payment options and add your business’s terms and conditions.

Step 2: Share your online payments form

Your customer or member cannot use your online payment gateway Australia if they are unaware that it even exists in the first place. Your customised online payment form can be easily distributed and sent out via social medias and emails. Alternatively, you can link the form to your Call-to-Action button. This will simplify your payment process and lower your signup barrier.

Step 3: Collect and track your incoming online payments

Now that you have completed the (not-so) hard work of setting up and sharing your payment form, all you need to do now is watch Ezypay’s online payment gateway Australia work its magic. You can track your incoming online payments by creating and generating payment reports. For better organisation, you can segregate your customers by their payment status, date and much more. Our online payment gateway Australia even has the ability to track and manage individual customer’s status.

Ezypay’s online payment gateway is a great payment method that is easy to set up and even easier to use. Your customers and members will love the convenience that is provided, while you’ll reap the benefits of saving resources and time, ultimately improving your positive cash flow.

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