Our online payment gateway, Ezypay, is coming to town

Ezypay is coming to town with our online payment gateway!

Ezypay is Coming to Town online payment gatewayOur online payment gateway  pay-me-today is something that makes our clients happy and satisfied. Our feature-rich software is the easiest and most beneficial software for your business or company. It is easy to set up and use. The benefits of this online payment gateway is that we have a ‘set and forget’ system where you set up your customers account with Ezypay, and we collect recurring payments regularly with no extra fuss or hassle. You can forget about your worries with how you are going to collect your payments, we do that for you. Not only do we have a secure and safe online payment gateway account for you, but we help to increase your business cash flow and overall revenue. What a great Christmas Gift that would be, improving your sales for the end of the year.

Get into the Christmas spirit by singing along to Ezypay’s version of a popular Christmas song, ‘Ezypay is coming to town’, inspired by our online payment gateway.

Ezypay is coming to town.

Your hair’s falling out

You want to save time

You’re having some doubts

But you can tell them goodbye

Cos Ezypay is coming to town

We run every day bills

We’re secure and safe

We have great support

In our payment gateway

Ezypay is coming to town

Our online payment gateway

Has a high collection rate

Of 99.5 percent

So sign up for goodness sake

Oh! We take every type

Of payments you know

So have a stress free life

And an increased cash flow

Cos Ezypay is coming to town

Ezypay is coming to town

Take a listen to the popular Christmas medley that is sung by all those celebrating Christmas! Try and have a go with the Ezypay lyrics!

Here’s not one, not two, but THREE FREE Christmas gifts for you!

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