Pay bills online with Ezypay direct debits as debt levels amongst Australian families rise

pay bills online

Many Australian Families are finding it harder to Pay Bills so offer them the options to Pay Bills Online with Ezypay


According to the Dun & Bradstreet study, one in ten (10%) families anticipates they will miss a bill payment in the September quarter. As will 10% of 18 – 34 year olds.

Which business will miss out on having their bill paid?  Have you considered that the bill that they miss could be yours? You might even have already provided the service to your customer. So what will you do?  You too have to pay bills online.

If you would like to be almost guaranteed that your customers will pay their bills then you should consider offering Ezypay to pay bills online.  With Ezyapy collecting 99.95% of all debits you are almost guaranteed to get the money from your customers.

Customer pay bills online once using the Ezypay online direct debit form, and then they set and forget the payments.  Ezypay takes the payments directly our of their bank account or credit card allowing them to pay bills online.

Ezypay allows you to sign up customers who have had trouble paying too.  Customers can pay bills online using a direct debit form over a period of time if they have had trouble in meeting their payments.  This then saves time for the business because they don’t have to follow up customers all the time asking for the outstanding money.  Sometimes families just don’t have the money so even if they want to they can’t pay.  It’s much better to set up a payment plan for customers and allowing them to use Ezypay for this is a great strategy.

This is another reason why you should consider using Ezypay’s direct debit system in your business. With our service your customers will be automatically debited which means that they won’t have the opportunity to even miss their next bill payment!

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