Why you should choose Ezypay direct debits as your payment method

Which payment method is the one for you?

There are many payment methods that are available now for businesses to help them collect customer or member payments.  With so many options, it’s hard to decide which payment method you should choose for your business. The question to ask yourself is what is not just suitable for you, but beneficial? When you put it that way, the obvious answer is direct debit. And when you ask which direct debit system you should use, the obvious answer is Ezypay.


Payment Method

Ezypay makes direct debit billing Ezy.


Why Ezypay is the payment method for you:

  • Ezypay not only help to collect your payments every single time, but it actually increases your business cash flow.

We call it a ‘set and forget’ system, where your members sign up once where you sort out their payment plan and details, and then you never have to chat to them about money or payment again. This means that money is always flowing through to your account.

  • This payment method is so easy to use, that it helps you keep your customers

There is a reason why direct debit is a popular payment method out there. It’s such a convenience, having your due payments automatically transacted into your account set on your specific payment day. Your customer can see how simple and easy it is to pay their subscription, to the point where they don’t even have to think about it!

  • Reduced Admin time:

Imagine having to go to trouble of collecting your customers payments regularly, every week or month? It’ll be such a hassle having to talk to your clients or customers about their payment all the time, both for you and your customer. Thanks to Ezypay, we can reduce the time spent on admin, as we do all the work for you. All you have to do is set up their payment method and plan one time and leave the rest to us.

  • High collection rate:

Ezypay prides ourselves on ensuring that you get all your due payments. We go beyond for  clients, resulting in an amazing collection rate of 99.5%. This is as close to a guaranteed payment as you can get. So be confident in choosing Ezypay as the payment method for you.

  • Accept all payment types:

At Ezypay, we understand that each business is different and functions in different ways. Rather than trying to make your business fit our system, we offer a variety of tools so that you can mould us to fit your business. In this way, we accept all payment types. Customers can complete a form to request their direct debit transactions to be taken from their bank account or credit card. As a flexible payment method, your customers will be satisfied with the ease it takes to pay their subscription with the options available.

  • Accept online payments:

To make things even more convenient, Ezypay has the option of creating, distributing and collecting online payments. All you have to do is create your online payment form, and customise it to make it your own. You can add your logo, change the colour scheme and style to individualise it. Then you can easily distribute and share your form with your customers. Ezypay makes it easy to collect your payment reports, so you can track your online payments as well, proving why it is the top choice as a payment method in your work.

  • Real time reporting

While Ezypay completes all the tedious tasks for you in collecting payments, we know that you still want to keep track of your finanacial records. At Ezypay, we generate real time reports so that you are can access all the information and data you need straight away. Our real time reports means that you get these reports at the time that the action has happened, for example, when a customer has signed up to your business you will know straight away.

  • Failed payments

At times, there can be payments that have failed to process. When this occurs, we notify you of your failed payments, as well as the customer, telling them of this and outlining the reason why. But not to worry, Ezypay will collect all outstanding payments for you. Just keep in mind, we don’t have such an excellent collection rate of 99.5% for nothing!


There are many payment methods out there, but you have to choose the best one for you. Ezypay is the top payment method to implement in your business, making sure that you get all your payments on time and regularly and that all outstanding payments are collected. Make direct debiting easy with Ezypay.

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