Payment Services: Confidence, Convenience and Flexibility

What can Ezypay’s payment services do for you?

Our payment services have many advantages to your business that you would be crazy not to reap!

payment services

So, what’s the best benefit our payment services offer?


Our payment services will give you the confidence that your recurring payments will be collected. In fact, we are very confident as well that we will be able to do this. This is all due to our excellent collection rate. Ezypay’s payment services has a high collection rate of 99.5%! This means that the odds are out of 200 transactions, you will successfully collect 199 of them and only miss out on one. That’s as close to a guaranteed payment as you’re going to get! So you can see why we are so confident that we will be able to collect your payments, and ultimately increase cash flow, and you should be too.

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How have we become so confident in our payment services? Not only is it due to having nearly 20 years in the industry, it’s because we have the best features that you can want in a billing system. What features are we talking about exactly?

Customer management

Ezypay helps you to easily manage your customers. We go paperless with our system, meaning that you don’t have to worry about paperwork taking up your time. With our payment services, you can change personal information, payment plans and payment details at any time using our secure online account.

Every day billing

It’s your business so you should be able to choose what days you want to bill your clients. Unlike other billings systems, our payment services offer you flexibility when it comes to your billing day. Ezypay bills every working day Monday to Friday; we bill every day that the bank accepts a billing file. Ezypay is such a flexible payment service that it really is so easy to fit into your business.

Accept all payment types

Our flexibility extends to the type of payment methods that we accept. To be honest, it really does not matter to us at all about how we collect recurring payments from your customer. It could be from their bank account, building society or credit card. As long as you get your money when you should, it’s all the same to us.

Online payments

Ezypay’s payment services also include online payments. It is becoming such a popular payment method, and so we have set up an online payment form that is easy for you to set up and share. Online payments are low risk and low cost compared to alternatives such as getting your own merchant facilities or creating your own e-commerce site. There are just three easy steps to accepting online payments: set up your payment plan, share the link and then you are ready to collect and track your online payments!


Real time reporting

It is really easy to track your finances and account with our payment services because we have real time reporting. This means that you don’t have to wait for your account information to be refreshed or updated as it is always automatically updated every time there are changes to your account. Even if a customer just signed up online, this will be reflected in real time. You will benefit from real time reporting because it provides extra control and reassurance when collecting recurring payments.

SMS & Email Alerts

When something important happens in your account, we know that you would want to know immediately. However, we also know that you don’t have the time to constantly be logging into your account throughout your day to check. This is why we have SMS and email alerts that will notify you whenever something is happening in their account. So thanks to this feature of our payment services, you don’t have to waste time in your day as we push the information to you.

Failed payment notifications

When it comes to direct debits, sometimes you will have failed payments. However, don’t despair; remember confidence! We don’t have that high collection rate for nothing. So when you encounter a failed payment, we provide many avenues to help you collect them. We will email you when one occurs, to notify you. Ezypay will also send a reminder email to your customer, telling them that their payment has failed and outlining the reason why. At the bottom of this email is a big “PAY TODAY” button that generates our failed payment gateway “pay-me-today”. This gives your customer or member the opportunity to attempt to rectify the failed payment themselves, and immediately meaning that you have more chances of collecting that outstanding failed payment. Like I said before, there’s a reason why we are so confident!

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Ezypay’s payment services are one-of-a-kind because we go to extra lengths to give you’re the confidence, convenience and flexibility you want and need in a direct debit billing system. Don’t miss out of these amazing benefits and the opportunity to be part of one of the best direct debit payment services in the industry.

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