Subscription commerce companies worry about recurring payments

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Subscription commerce companies are not new or innovative. In fact subscription companies have been around for many years.  Paper deliveries, milk deliveries and gym memberships are subscriptions most of us are very familiar with.  However more entrepreneurs are taking the ‘traditional’ product and turning it into an ecommerce experience.


When you are setting up a subscription business there are only three things you really need:


  1. A product or a service – could be a product like razors, or could be a service like a gym membership.  Or could even be a place to read the latest news like the SMH.

  1. A way to bill recurring payments – you need to bill that weekly or monthly or quarterly subscription fee using a tool that is reliable and easy to use like of course Ezypay’s direct debit payments.


  1. A website – this does not have to be your own customised website, it doesn’t even have to be an ecoomerce site.  It could in face just be a Facebook page.


Number 1 and number 3 are pretty easy to find and use right?  You probably already can think of 10 products and services that you could sell in this manner or people are currently selling.  What about the recurring payments part though?


That’s an easy one for me to answer because this is Ezypay.  It’s the core of what we do.



At Ezypay we provide the payment or billing service that enables many of these types of companies to bill their subscribers.  With a recurring payment from a bank account or credit card it means business owners don’t even have to think about the payment side of things.  They are left to focus on what is really important which is running their business.


If  you would like to find out more about our recurring payments system then give us a call on 1300 762 726 or email


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