Use Ezypay to Manage Payments

It’s one thing to collect recurring payments and it is another to manage payments. How are you supposed to keep track of your incoming revenue if you do not have the proper system or tools to do so? To efficiently manage payments, especially those that are coming in on a regular basis, you will need Ezypay, direct debit billing system.

Ezypay will assist you to manage payments in a simple, easy and convenient fashion

manage payments

Our direct debit system has many functions that are designed to make your business and work life simpler.

Customer management

Before you can really manage payments, you first need to manage your customers and members. After all, they are the ones who are sending you the payments in the first place. With Ezypay, you can create and change personal information, payment plans and payment details. This is available to you at any time through our secure online payment system.

Track online payments

As you are probably aware, Ezypay accepts online payments. Our online payment form is very easy to set up, share and use. It is even easier to track and manage payments online. You can create and generate payment reports, segregate your customers by their payment status, date and much more, as well as being able to track and manage individual customer’s status.

Real time reporting

While Ezypay helps to collect your recurring payments, you would want to manage payments and keep an eye on them yourselves. This is why we have included real time reporting in our direct debit billing system. All the data in your secure online account is reported in real time, meaning that any time you go into your account, (no matter how often) you will see your exact financial position every single time. Even if a customer signed up to your business a mere 3 seconds ago, this change will be reflected in your real time reports. Real time reporting is an advantageous tool to have to manage payments and ensure everything is as it should be.


SMS and email alerts

Ezypay knows you are a very busy person. From running a business to having to manage payments, it is not difficult to see why you don’t want to be wasting time constantly logging into your account to check up on it on the off-chance that something needs your attention. As a result, Ezypay has SMS and email alerts. If something is happening in your account, we will immediately let you know by sending you a SMS and/or email notification. We push the important notification to you, helping you to manage your account and hence, manage payments.

Ezypay has many functions to assist you in managing your recurring payments. It is as a result of these tools that it makes your business and work life a whole lot easier. If you would like to know more about Ezypay’s direct debit billing service, please contact us and one of our friendly team members will get back to you shortly.

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