Are you scared of online direct debits?

scared of online direct debits

Are you scared of letting your customers create their online direct debits from your website?  You shouldn’t be!  There is nothing to be scared of at all.

Many of Ezypay’s clients are using this safe and secure online direct debit gateway.  Some of them are large fitness clubs like Crunch, Fit n Fast; and others are charities like Spark*.

Why is it safe?  Our clients insert a frame into their websites that shows our secure site.  The customers then sign-up to the direct debit through that frame.

Where does the account details and personal information go?  All into Ezypay’s PCI compliant and secure billing system.

You see, there is really nothing to be worried about!  Want to find out more?  You can contact us on 1300 762 726 or email us at