direct debit payment gateway is magic for Ezypay’s client Hamper Magic

payment gateway for hamper magic

Ezypay’s client Hamper Magic could not provide any hampers for their clients if it wasn’t for Ezypay.  In fact the founding Director of Hamper Magic Doran Lazurus stated that he needed a customised payment solution.  The banks wouldn’t help him and most businesses he approached didn’t understand what he was after.  It took about 6 weeks back and forward but we finally did it and the customised online payment gateway solution was created.

Customised payment gateway for Hamper Magic

Here is an in depth look at how Hamper Magic uses their customised Ezypay direct debit payment gateway solution.  It collects varying payment amounts on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

If you would like more information about how your business might benefit from the online direct debit payment gateway system, please contact Ezypay on 1300 762 726 or email us at