FitnFast uses our Direct Debit Gateway to increase sales


Ever wondered why some clubs do well and others don’t?


Here is an article we published back in 2010 about FitnFast using the Ezypay direct debit gateway to sign-up members via their Facebook page.  They were willing to try something different to grow their sales and decrease costs.  As a result they are reaping the rewards.  Could you do the same in your business?


Fit n Fast are an Australian chain of fitness clubs that are taking a very innovative and creative approach to selling memberships – online and through Facebook.   I believe that this may be a world first….here is some more info on what they are doing.

Fit n Fast  have a Facebook membership sign-up thanks to the robust Ezypay DDG technology

Fit n Fast Gyms, who have just opened their first Sydney gym in Penrith, are powering ahead with their social media client engagement strategy. They have just released online membership signup (Check it out! Great membership sign-up tool.), to their gyms via Facebook.

This means that their Facebook fans, as well as being able to engage with other fitness members and the gym staff via the Fit n Fast Facebook page can now take advantage of a one-stop-application to take up membership and maintain their details.

“From a marketing perspective, this has been an absolute coup for us,” says Nic Monteforte, COO of Fit n Fast. “Facebook has really proved to be a great way to connect with our market and to be able to provide them with the most convenient way to manage their membership has just increased the value of the application for us.”

The team at Think Tank Media (would recommend you use them if you want to do the same thing) in Melbourne has created the Facebook App specifically for Fit n Fast to work directly from Facebook.

“We’re very excited to be working with this enthusiastic brand on what is a world first for the fitness industry,” says Sam Mutimer, Director at Think Tank Media.

The new application is made possible by incorporating the Ezypay Direct Debit Gateway (DDG) system into the application iFrame so that the Fit n Fast Facebook users can sign up directly from within Facebook.

“The DDG is incredibly simple to use,” says Mutimer, “and we’ve had very fast responses through our testing accounts.”

“We were already using the Direct Debit Gateway system from Ezypay to allow members to join online and manage their own membership,” says Monteforte. “Having the ability to just replicate this kind of member engagement within Facebook itself and allow our members to have more control makes them have more of a connection to and ownership of their membership.”

With the results from the Ezypay run 2010 Australian Fitness Industry Survey showing that most gym members used Facebook to communicate online, developing a Facebook application was a logical step in the promotion of a gym that allows its members to signup online.

We’re very excited about this new application of our Direct Debit Gateway system.  It demonstrates how versatile the system is in allowing businesses to give their customers flexibility and control over their subscriptions and direct debit accounts.

The Ezypay DDG allows businesses to have a seamless integration through their website, and now through Facebook, to their direct debit signup system and can be fully customised and branded.

Fit n Fast is seeing some great results with the DDG.  In the first day of launching their new gym in Penrith 30% of their sign-ups were directly through the DDG. That means no staff time has been used to get this new member on board.  Like the sound of that?

Through a series of online opportunities such as connecting with people on Twitter, several Facebook competitions and pay per click Facebook advertising Fit n Fast hope to be able to drive engagement on their Facebook page and website so that they can build their brand awareness and community engagement

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