Niche Fitness Business Pelotone Spins into Top Gear

Pelotone cycling studio 

Pelotone is an indoor cycling studio located in the world-class Norwest Business Park.  Recently opened  the niche fitness business located in the Hills district of Sydney is spinning into top gear.


With 55 indoor bikes the studio is part of a rise in cycling gyms that began in the US and is fast gaining traction in Australia.


Pelotone director, Karen Newham who resides in the Hills district said, “I want to encourage people from all walks of life to get on a bike and ride at Pelotone by offering a safe, supportive, professional and fun environment.  The studio provides options for indoor and outdoor cyclists.”


“In 2012 I suffered a significant sports injury which presented an immediate opportunity to reevaluate my life. After 20 years in the corporate world, with a lot of time away from my family, and having experienced heartfelt local community support during my recovery, I was determined to follow my dream. The outcome of which is Pelotone, and a life where family, fitness and community come first,” Ms Newham said.


“I am extremely passionate and excited to give back to the community and provide the one and only dedicated premier indoor cycle studio to one of Sydney’s fastest growing regions.”


Pelotone, named after the cycling term, ‘peloton’,  includes a state-of-the-art studio and equipment and a hang-out area for Pelotone community.  “People matter at Pelotone,” Ms Newham said.


There will be no lock-in contracts, just pay as you ride, with a variety of cycle classes catering to all types of riders and levels of fitness.


“Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor cyclist, or just looking to burn some serious calories with a full body workout, Pelotone is the place to be. Cycling gets you fit and helps keep you healthy. Come and be part of the Pelotone community!”


Benefits of regular cycling include: increased cardiovascular fitness; increased muscle strength and flexibility; improves joint mobility; decreases stress levels; improves posture and coordination; strengthens bones; decreases body fat levels; reduces anxiety and depression.


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