Paperless Direct Debits

Yes we can. Yes we do. Want to see how paperless direct debits works?

Paperless direct debits for charities. Have a look at how SPARK* do it.

paperless direct debits with Spark*

SPARK* is an Australian charity. It is the brain child of Kaitlin and Aaron Tait. In their words it aims to equip young leaders in their own countries to be makers of change in the fight against extreme poverty.

For over 12 months now SPARK* has been using Ezypay to help them in fundraising. On their website they have a donate now page that allows donors to make a monthly contribution. This is enabled by the Ezypay direct debit gateway.

“The Ezypay Direct Debit Gateway has been a fabulous opportunity for Spark* to increase its sustainability by offering our star supporters the chance to join with us and enable our work through monthly contributions.” said Kaitlin Tait, Operations Director, Spark* International.

At Ezypay we are very proud to be able to support the goals of SPARK* through the use of our direct debit gateway. Talking to Kaitlin about how SPARK* might use the gateway for fundraising, she got it immediately.

She quickly understood the concept and the benefit of signing up donors for ongoing amounts right there on the website.Personally I was very impressed because having spoken to many fundraisers currently working for charities they just don’t get the opportunity.

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