WA Boot Camp Kicks Butt with our Direct Debit Gateway

direct debit gateway

Grant Brown and his team at WA Boot Camp recently started using Ezypay's direct debit gateway in their businesses.

“The Ezypay gateway system has been a valuable addition to our business. Not only does it streamline payments, it has reduced admin time and enables clients to enrol 24/7. I thoroughly recommend this system.” 

The direct debit gateway is all about signing up customers on recurring payments the ezy way.  Ezypay's direct debit gateway allows customers to purchase services and set up recurring direct debits securely on websites.  Customers create their own direct debits from their bank accounts or credit cards.

The direct debit gateway is also a great tool for email marketing too.  It allow you to market to potential customers by sending them a url link directly to an online signup.  This is a low cost customer acquisition strategy that delivers immediate results.

Grant is very happy with his website.  Can you see the large join now button on the left hand side?

direct debit gateway

This leads to a location page.  From here the prospect chooses from one of 6 locations and is taken to the location page.  From there they then pick their membership type which is gold, silver or bronze.

direct debit gateway

So the website is looking great and within the first month the investment in the gateway has more than paid for itself with around 10 memberships sold.  Over the year Grant is expecting this to rise to around 150 memberships sold online.

So if you would like to kick some butt in your business by streamlining payments, reducing admin time and enables clients to enroll 24/7 – then you need the direct debit gateway.  Don't waste any more time call 1300 762 726 or email hello@ezypay.com.

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