Ultimate Guide for Club Cash Flow Management
cash flow management

We understand your time is limited and demands on you are high.

You’re responsible for every area of the fitness club, so to help you we created the Ultimate Guide to Cash Flow Management for Health and Fitness Club Managers. With over 20 years of experience in cash flow Ezypay are the experts in cash flow and provide billing services like direct debits, online memberships and online direct debits to fitness businesses across Australia and New Zealand. In the guide you will find 31 easy to follow steps from people in the fitness industry (and outside it), on how to increase your cash flow.  These people know what they are talking about so you could do one step a day for a whole month and bring your cash flow from low to high. It’s free to download and I am sure you will not wasting your time so please let us help you collect recurring payments and take the pressure off your cash flow. In case you are wondering what you will be reading here are a couple of the cash flow tips we cover:

  1. Make sure you know your current financial position.  As a business owner, review all business expenditure and income on a weekly basis.  This includes bills to be paid, money owing, money owed to you and your expenses.
  2. Make sure the price is right and you are covering your costs.  There is no point being in business unless you are at least breaking even.  Your aim is to make a profit but you know what you need to make to hit that profit target?
  3. Reconcile your member income on a weekly basis.  Who has paid you and who hasn’t?  Gym entry is always a tricky situation for the member and the staff member when discussion non-payments but it’s important.

Here are 28 more tips for you on cash flow management and you will find expanded tips on 1 – 3 when you download our Ultimate Guide.

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