Billing Options for Start Ups: Busting the Myths

billing options for start ups

 Ezypay bust the myths when it comes to billing options for start ups

1. The billing options for start ups or available to new business owners are very few and far between.

False. There are numerous recurring billing options for start ups who are looking at subscription billing for their members.

Start ups who are looking for better payment solutions, to collect recurring payments can use Ezypay’s direct debit billing process.  Ezypay direct debits collect the same or varying amounts from members or customers over a period of time.  This means you can easily customize your payment options for customers or members making it more convenient for them and also increasing your cash flow because  you have smaller amounts of money collected more frequently, which means a regular cash flow for you and your business.

Thousands of businesses use Ezypay to collect recurring payments, and many of them are start ups.

2. More billing options mean more paperwork.

False. In the 21st century, the “more paperwork” headache is being replaced with the “more computer work” headache, but with Ezypay you can view all payment and billing information in the one place, instead of having to wade through multiple spread sheets and data files on your desktop.  In fact Ezypay does help you go paperless even for signing up a customer to a direct debit.  Our billing system allows you to have customers sign up for recurring payments directly from your website or from an email.

3. Isn’t it just a brand new headache that’s replacing the old one”

False. Recurring billing options for start-ups that need subscription billing can use Ezypay to handle payments for them. With its high collection rate, Ezypay will collect 99.5% of all payments. That’s 99.5% less of a headache for the business owner.  The collection rate is really second to none but at the end of the day it means you collect more money in your business.


4. If all data is being managed by Ezypay, I won’t have access to it whenever I need it.

False. Ezypay is the ‘middleman’ that bridges the gap between your business and your members but you will also have 100% online access to the information of your various members.  You have control of the process through your secure online Ezypay account.  You can view your payments at any time much like your online bank account.

5. The internet is not secure enough when it comes to storing confidential data.

It depends on who you use to store your information, but At Ezypay all membership data, as well as payment details are secured within an online vault.  It’s as secure as we can possible make it.  It’s much more secure than you having it on bits of paper around your office or in your house 🙂

6. I’ll just stick to that old tried a true method. It sounds too complicated.

False. Yes, managing payments online may be daunting for new business owners, but with Ezypay you can customize your account in a way that suits you and your business. You also have access to our excellent customer support team. It’s not called easy pay for nothing.

If you would like more information about how Ezypay direct debits could help give you more billing options for start ups please contact our sales team today.  You can even fill in the application for your Ezypay account online.


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