Collecting Membership Payments for Business Owners

collecting membership payments

Ezypay, a simple and secure way for collecting membership payments for all business owners

Ezypay is a multi-award winning direct debit billing system seamlessly integrated with iconnect360, Australia’s first membership and billing management software. It is a convenient and safe system to use regarding collecting membership payments, in an easy and safe environment. To date, 4, 237 businesses have joined up to Ezypay to take advantage of all the beneficial services we offer (and we’re still counting!). Here are a few of the benefits of collecting membership payments using Ezypay.

High Payment Collection Rate

Ask another company what their collection rate is, and guarantee it won’t be as high as our one at Ezypay. Ezypay boasts an amazing 99.5% collection rate from all clients. This means that as a business owner, you will have a near perfect guarantee payment from all your members. You can have an ease of mind knowing that all your owed fees will be paid when due thanks to our secure and efficient system, ultimately increasing your cash flow.

Manage Customer Payments

As you are a business owner concerned with collecting membership payments, we have enabled you to manage your customers, view their payments through an online account. It will also depict when the payment is processing, successful or has failed. In cases where the payment has failed, you will get a notification. While we hope that all your customers are able to pay their due bills on time, there are always things that can go wrong, or times where payments would have failed or be outstanding. It can be an annoying and frustrating obstacle for business owners having to deal with failed payments. Here at Ezypay, we take control and we will make sure that you get paid by collecting membership payments, outstanding or not.

Customer Payment Flexibility

1. Accept all payment types

We understand that every customer is different and so they use a wide range of payment types to pay their fees. As a result, we’re not fussy by how your customers pay! We accept credit cards and bank accounts so that they have a range to choose from.

2. Accept online payments

In addition to credit card and bank account payments, we also allow online payments. Ezypay’s direct debit billing system has created online payment forms that enable customers to access online via your website or emails.

3. Everyday billing

Each business has a different pay cycle regarding when they collecting membership payments. This can range from weekly, to monthly. At Ezypay, we bill every day and take this a step further. As a result, we  give clients the flexibility to collecting customer payments daily if they wish to.

4. Real time reporting

Every business owner knows that to run a successful business, you need to keep track of all the data and information that comes your way. Ezypay is happy to help you keep track of all payments by sending you a variety of payment records. This way, you have all the information and control over these reports and are able to access them when required. This is done through a safe and secure online account.


Collecting Membership Payments with Ezypay direct debits

Ezypay services have provided many businesses with opportunities for quick and easy direct debit payments in collecting membership payments. Our well-run and approachable team ensure that setting up your Ezypay account will be simple and effective immediately, making your product and services affordable to ultimately increase your cash flow.

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