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Why Easy Pay is a Winner for Gyms, Fitness Centres and other Businesses


“Hey welcome, friendly customer! I’m the friendly owner of this friendly place. Work up a sweat and have fun!  Oh, and speaking of segues… where’s that money you owe us?”

Okay, so that’s not exactly how you guys talk to your customers, but it may not be a huge stretch when there really is no easy way of bringing up the subject of ‘payments’ without sucking all the chill out of a place where a relaxed environment is crucial. As you’re aware, to your members a gym is a place of leisure. People go for self-improvement, relaxation and to energise. They come through your door with a goal in mind and they leave with a sense of achievement.

Between entering and exiting, when is the best time to bring up that uneasy ‘money’ conversation with them? When they’re towelling themselves after a workout? Between curls?  When they’re busy admiring their massively ripped bod’s in the mirror? Can you really imagine the manager of Gold’s Gym in sunny California, back in the day, approaching Arnie’s hulking figure to ask for money;

“Arnold, great muscles, but we kinda’… sorta’… need to talk money!”


Why does the subject of ‘money’ have to be so taboo when money is the most fundamental part of a business? By definition, business is all about the money.

The service Ezypay provides will help you handle any failed transactions that may have occurred.  The clearing of payments will be immediate and will show up in iconnect360 if you are using software to manage your gym.  That’s all very businessy I know, but Ezypay can also help you with those other little things that go into running a business too. Want to be on a first name basis with all of your members? People like Schwarzenegger may be easy to remember now, but back in the old days, people around the gym probably just referred to him as ‘That big Austrian guy who has that weird obsession with American politics’. With Ezypay, you’ll have access to the data of all your various members, so you’ll know exactly what his name is and when Arnie has paid up.

The point is, collecting money isn’t easy, and for some, the thought of having to do it face to face can cause anxiety and even embarrassment! A ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, though polite, doesn’t do much to alleviate you from the discomfort of the whole affair.  But, thanks to Ezypay, the business of collecting pay is… well, easy. (The name says it all, doesn’t it?) So, you can unsubscribe from Slightly-Difficult-Pay, and completely ignore No-Walk-In-The-Park-Pay. Instead, just sign up to Australia’s award winning direct debit billing provider, Ezypay.

We even removed the letter ‘a’ from ‘easy’ just to make it ezier to spell – and the ‘z’ just looks cool. So, now those delays in payments will be a thing of the pst (‘past’). You won’t have to spend as much time dealing with the bnk (‘bank’), which means less time having to deal with those total wnkers (…you know what mean).


For more information on putting the easy pay back into collecting money from your customers or members talk Ezypay and contact us today.

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