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2014 gym member infographDownload the latest Fitness Industry Survey infograph which is all about gym members to find out what business owners and key decision makers of gyms, fitness centres and health clubs can do to increase their overall satisfaction rating.

As Christmas approaches and 2014’s New Year resolution wanes to make way for 2015’s resolve to be fitter and healthier, Ezypay’s Fitness Industry Survey investigates what motivates gym members to stay committed to their gym regiment. Statistically, only 40% of gym members tend to extend their gym membership past 12 months, indicating that businesses must look into promoting the retention rate of their members.

The latest member infograph released by the Fitness Industry Survey includes responses from gym members in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong – making the largest fitness survey ever powered by Ezypay in collaboration with iconnect360 membership management software. Over 11,300 health and fitness enthusiasts from across five countries participated in this year’s survey.

4 Staying Factors Affecting Gym Members committment to their Club according to the 2014 Gym Member Infograph

Location, location, location

Location is the number one reason why members stay committed to their gyms, with 53% of survey respondents admitting that the ideal travelling time to their gym or fitness club should be less than fifteen minutes. This suggests that crowd watching prior to the establishment of your gym or fitness centre is important to ensure that your business premise will enjoy a steady flow of traffic.

Value For Money

45% of the respondents said that they would stay in their clubs if memberships are reasonably priced. Pricing aside, members also perceive added value as an important decision in impacting their long-term commitment to a gym. Free add-ons such as fitness checks (e.g. BMI, cholesterol tests, bone density measurement), extra group classes and machine upgrades also play a big factor in enticing current members to extend their membership due to the perceived additional value. Providing extra benefits is a great way of ensuring membership retention without having to lower monthly membership fee.

Staff Personality

Professional staffs amounts to 37% of the reason why members stay committed to their gym. It bears repeating that the fitness industry is a service-based industry – so investment in the training of your staff will directly impact your sales and overall membership retention.

Overall Atmosphere

Atmosphere is pivotal to a prospering gym, as evident by the 37% of Fitness Industry Survey participants who cited this factor as a main influence in determining their commitment to a gym or fitness centre. Creating the right vibe or workout culture is important in turning your customers into brand ambassadors who will aid in promoting and encouraging fellow workout buddies to continue their commitment to the gym.

Download the 2014 gym member infograph today for more info on why members stay loyal to their gyms and fitness clubs. For more free infographs and reports, visit the Fitness Industry Survey page today.


For more information about the fitness industry survey please view the fitness industry survey explainer video below.



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