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2014 past gym membersWhat would it take to get your ex-gym members to renew their membership at your gym or fitness club?

Statistics provided by Lee Resource Inc. shows that attracting new customers will actually cost your business 5 times more in terms of investment, compared to retaining an existing customer. According to the 2014 Fitness Industry Survey, an astounding 51% of past gym members would consider renewing their membership provided that several conditions were met.

2014 Past Gym Members Data

This year, over 1,300 past gym members took part in the Fitness Industry Survey, which included questions on their previous gym membership duration, the main reason they left the club and an interview on what it would take to entice these same members to return to their previous gyms. The Fitness Industry Survey included respondents from 5 countries – Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and is considered the world’s largest fitness survey ever undertaken.

Timing, Commitments and Personal Space

The number one reason given by respondents on why they left their gyms or fitness clubs is due to the inability to commit to balancing work, personal time and fitness time on a regular basis. This suggests that gyms and fitness clubs should extend their operation hours to cater to the 51% of their past members who would like to work out, but on their own time.

The 2014 Past Gym Members Infograph by the Fitness Industry Survey team also indicates an increase in members subscribing to 24-hour gyms such as Anytime Fitness, Jetts and 24Hour Fitness. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, personal trainer Simon Bungate also noted that the most popular training sessions are between 5am to 6am and 6pm to 10pm.

One other reason why most members left their gym lifestyle is due to financial constraints. What this means is that business owners and the management team should take into consideration how they can keep membership costs low while still funding necessary upgrades or renovations.  One comment submitted by a survey respondent sums up the opinion of most 2014 past gym members perfectly: “Too busy, could never get on equipment, spent more time waiting than working out” – indicating that just like your current members, your past members are also looking for a fitness experience where they feel valued and prioritized.

3 Ways to Get Past Gym Members Back on the Treadmill

One in every four past gym members agreed that they would consider re-joining the same gym if the membership contract was waived. Similarly, other past members have also said that they would renew their membership provided that they did not have to pay the joining fee or pay a higher membership fee. These comments are synonymous with the top reasons members left the gym in the first place – i.e. due to financial constraints. In short, to win past members back, gyms and fitness clubs must find a way to make their fitness program affordable and convenient.  Considering that only 10% of 2014 past gym members would never re-join a gym again, this venture is surely worth some attention in 2015.

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