2014 Personal Trainer Infograph: 5 Reasons why Personal Trainers are Popular with Gym Members

Download Now: The 2014 Personal Trainer Infograph.Download the latest Fitness Industry Survey to know what’s hot and what’s not in the fitness industry and what gyms and fitness centres can do to improve their conditions.  The recent 2014 Personal Trainer Infograph is based on the views of gym and fitness owners from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. With over 967 gyms and clubs participating in this year’s survey.  Some of the data from the 2014 Personal Trainer Infograph is also compiled from more than 11,000 members who responded too.  Together all of the responses provide a very valuable insight into fitness industry issues – such as personal training.

5 Reasons Why Personal Trainers Are Popular According To The 2014 Personal Trainer Infograph.

1. Motivation!

42% of gym owners who responded said they hired personal trainers to provide more motivation and encouragement for their workout. This is due to the lack of workout buddies and the need to have a fitness role model. This suggests that uplifting and dedicated trainers are essential for the gradual progress of fitness in gym members.

2. Reaching Fitness Goals  

Personal trainers are also hired to help reach members’ fitness goals.  32% of gym owners said that this will help members who are just starting out and have very little practical fitness knowledge besides reading fitness articles on the internet. Arranging individual check-ups such as BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol tests and customized workouts that are most suited to their conditions are crucial in guiding members to reach their goals.

3. Achieving Fitness Goals

As the amount of obese people in Australia, New Zealand and other respondent countries grows nearly twice year by year, losing weight has become one of the most popular motives to join a gym. This is why 20% of the respondents hire personal trainers to help members reach their weight loss goals and them back on track again.

4. Diet & Nutrition Tips

4% of club owners who participated in the 2014 personal training infograph said that they chose to hire personal trainers to help members learn proper diet and nutrition. This is because they believe that a healthy diet and fitness activities goes together in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

5. Companionship  

Comfort is absolutely important to the members and 2% of gym owners responded with hiring personal trainers as an extension of their customer service program. The purpose of personal trainers is after all about helping members to reach their full potential.  Members would in turn have a companion to converse with and help them be familiar with the gym environment.


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