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2014 Sales, Marketing, Communication and Tech Infograph

Download the latest Fitness Industry Survey for the year 2014 to find out the preferred communication methods for gym members & gym owners and how you can use the data to improve your members’ satisfaction.

The Fitness Industry Survey run by Ezypay explores how gym members like to be communicated with and what communication methods are used by fitness centres and gym owners.  According to the statistics from the survey, 43% of gym members prefer to receive emails from their clubs while 26% of the club owner respondents chose to send out newsletters to their members.

Over 11,300 members and 967 clubs participated in this year’s Fitness Industry Survey. this year we have expanded the survey from just Australia and New Zealand to Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong, making it the biggest survey ever done by Ezypay in collaboration with iconnect360.

4 Preferred Communication Methods, According To The 2014 Sales and Marketing Fitness Infograph

 1. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are the most preferred method for communication for members, with 21% of the gym members saying that newsletters can be viewed anywhere, anytime and it is personal as it arrives in their inbox and is less intrusive than actual gym sales people. On the other hand, only 13% of the club owners who responded prefer to send emails to their members. This is because they cannot predict the outcome from the members and they receive hardly any feedback if any at all.

2. SMS

12% of the club owners who responded to the 2014 Sales, Marketing, Communication and Tech Infograph said they have adopted SMS as their main communication method with their members because it is a cheap and discreet way to inform members about special promotions, bookings, failed payments and many others.  Members seem to like SMS too, as 11% of them choose this method for the reason that it is an instant and fast way to get notifications, plus it can be reached by all, no matter what type of phone they are using.

3. In Person / Face-to Face Communication

Face to face communication is a big hit among the gym owners, with 23% of them choosing this approach as personal trainers, gym staff and sales people are able to persuade, sell packages, memberships and classes to members in person.  Gym members however do not particularly fancy this method as only 8% of 2014 Sales, Marketing, Communication and Tech Infograph respondents choose this in view of them being too intrusive and pushy.

4. Social Media   

Social media amounts to 16% of the preferred method of communication for club and fitness centre owners.  Reason being that it is accessible to all the members at once and useful in communicating packages, memberships and classes with the least cost. Meanwhile, only 8% of gym members pick this as their choice of communication method.  It is not a one to one communication channel but a one to many communication channel so it becomes impersonal.

Opportunities for Gyms and Fitness Centres to Communicate with Members

Again in 2014 the results from the 2014 Sales and Marketing Fitness Infograph have shown that many members are using YouTube but not many gyms are using YouTube.  It’s an easy and free communication channel that is not being maximised by gyms and fitness centres in their communication with members.

It’s easy to use

YouTube is not one of the most popular websites in the world because it’s hard to use.  In fact it is super easy to use.  You can take a video on your phone and upload it directly to YouTube.  If it’s short and sharp and looks good then you don’t even need to edit the video.

Ideas for videos to members

There are so many ideas for creating videos that members are interested in and engaged with.  Here are just a few:

  • The correct form for a particular exercise.
  • An exercise of the day or the week
  • A motivational 30 second video
  • An interview with a member who has successfully met their fitness goal
  • An interview with a personal trainer

I am sure you will be able to think of loads of others too.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

Ok this is a biggie.  Your video does not have to be perfect.  You don’t need the best lighting, the latest sound equipment and perfect models.  No one expects this because they know you are making it yourself and it’s not a million dollar television production.  Members are more interested in seeing something that is genuine and authentic than perfect.  Just exactly why they like coming to your club in the first place.  They like it already and enjoy engaging with you and your staff.  It does not have to be perfect – it just has to be real.

Don’t wait too long

Whilst you are waiting for the perfect video or thinking about using YouTube your competitors are using it.  Yep they have beat you to it already.  If you don’t particularly like technology or find it a bit intimidating then why don’t you make it someone else’s responsibility to create the videos?  Find a tech savvy personal trainer at your club and tell them they are responsible for creating a video a week.  They will love it and you won’t have to do it.

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To find out more about members’ tech usage in gyms and fitness clubs, download the 2014 Sales, Marketing, Communication and Tech infograph now. For more free infographs and reports, visit the Fitness Industry Survey.

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