54% of gym members have NEVER used a Personal Trainer

 personal training

Nearly 10,000 members across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore have responded to a fitness industry survey asking them about their gym membership.

54% of members stated they have NEVER used a Personal Trainer.

Of the 46% of members who have used a personal trainer the average time using a personal trainer was 3 months or less.

Most members stopped using a personal trainer because it was too expensive.

Richard Beddie, CEO of Fitness New Zealand finds the results very encouraging.  He states “It wasn’t that long ago personal trainers were perceived as only being for celebrities and those wanting to win gold medals.”

Beddie sees the future of personal training is moving to smaller group training.  So a personal trainer might have a group of 4 people they train for 30 minutes and collect $15 from each of them.

Small group training is the middle ground between personal trainers, larger group training sessions.  It provides a personalised service and that extra motivation most members want from a personal trainer but it’s a lot more affordable.

Ryan Hogan, CEO of Fitness Network Australia, a provider of personal training and fitness courses echoes Beddie’s comment suggesting clubs need “…a wide variety of fitness programming (led by qualified trainers) as different price points, to make them as accessible as possible.”

The fitness industry survey is still open for both members and clubs.  The results are compiled and are available to everyone for free.  To participate in the survey or to download the results please visit this page http://www.ezypay.com/fitness-industry-survey/


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