The Ultimate Guide to the Australian Fitness Industry

the ultimate guide to Australian Fitness industry

Here it is!  The Ultimate Guide to the Australian Fitness Industry.


I can hear the shouts of joy and excitement because there is nothing better than an ultimate guide – well except when it is free!  And it is!


This guide is the culmination of a massive effort by the Australian fitness industry survey team and our sponsors.  This year we produced this ultimate guide to the Australian Fitness Industry, as well as 5 free infographs and a trend report.


The available infographs include:

1. Marketing and communications

2. Staff Salaries

3. Personal Training

4. Clubs

5. Members


We are proud of our efforts and hope you have enjoyed the resources.  We will soon be releasing a trend report for 2014.  So stay tuned.


To download one of the infographs on members, clubs, staff salaries, personal training and marketing and comms, you can visit the fitness industry survey page on our website or like the Australian fitness industry survey page on Facebook for regular updates.

Or if you would like your 56 page ultimate guide to the fitness industry you can download it for free by pressing the button below.


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